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Anyone heard/tried these ...

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  • Anyone heard/tried these ...

    It's a company called Db Technologies and the powered speakers - called Opera - have a dual amp with 400/80 watt and (more important) 126 dB of power!! Anyone tried these? There are half the prize the Mackie/JBL stuff

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    I'm not sure, but I tried a similar-looking set of speakers that the guy at the store told me were essentially the Mackie SRMs. He said that Mackie bought the technology or something like that and turned it into the SRMs.

    They look very similar, but I'm not positive, you may want to look into that. If they are the same ones I'm talking about, They sounded fantastic.



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      Originally posted by puttenvr:

      It's a company called Db Technologies and the powered speakers - called Opera - have a dual amp with 400/80 watt and (more important) 126 dB of power!! Anyone tried these? There are half the prize the Mackie/JBL stuff
      Keep in mind that they can print anything on a spec sheet to make a product look good.

      126 Db with 400/80 watts would mean at the standard of 1 watt/one meter measurement, the speaker would be putting out 103 Db.

      I seriously doubt this.

      What that 126 Db is probably referenced to is ONE FREQUENCY, probably the peak frequency of the response of the cab (say 1000 hz).

      If you measured the actual average broadband output of the cab (say 40 Hz to 16,000 Hz) you would probably find the output level to be substantially less.

      Keep in mind that to raise the output level 3 Db, you need to DOUBLE THE POWER.

      Another scam that speaker companies lay on people is to quote ridiculous frequency response specs, but with NO output level reference.

      I see this all the time, and then if you read the fine print, you find out that the 40Hz figure quoted is actually down 10Db!!!

      What is considered a "flat response" is plus or minus 3 Db, so being down 10 Db is significant.

      In fact very often cabinets that report a frequency response of 40 Hz, usually are only flat to about 80 to 100 Hz.

      For electronic drums this means that your kick will sound thin and lifeless, because the kick energy is focused around 50 - 60 Hz, and you are so far down at that point, that the spec is meaningless.

      So the moral of the story is, don't every believe what you read about PA specs, unless there are some additional reference info given as to output level or what frequencies are involved.

      Jay Storey

      p.s. Frankly I don't know anything about these particuliar cabs, but the Mackie and JBL stuff is not that great in low end extension and output either - I think the EON 15"s rolloff rapidly below 80 Hz.

      You might think these things have a lot of low end, but my "big" bass rig (I have a small Ampeg setup I use for most venues) has two 15" cabs and two 18" cabs for lows, and is powered by 1400 watts.

      It has some serious low end, to me in comparison, these "all in one speakers" are pretty deficient...

      Again - don't believe what a spec sheet says, you really need to hear these things, cranked up to actual levels, with a source that is close to what you will be running through them.

      I saw a Jordan Ruddess clinic once where they used the Mackie SRM 450's, but the thing I noticed was that they also used them with subs.

      This was in a small room that was about 30' x 20'.


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          Jay, I re-typed the wrong specs. The watts are

          240W LF + 80W HF

          Perhaps this better clears out the number of dBa


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            Originally posted by puttenvr:
            Jay, I re-typed the wrong specs. The watts are

            240W LF + 80W HF

            Perhaps this better clears out the number of dBa
            Well you know they might sound perfectly good for your app, or any other.

            It's just that I gag when I see specs for output and frequency response that have no reference to the real world.

            Specs can be useful for comparing products, when they are to the same standard, but what I see a lot of is companies that know they need to put 40 Hz in there, so even though the speaker may be down 10 to 12 dB at that point, they say it has "low frequency response to 40 Hz"

            FWIW - I have a couple of Carvin bass cabinets with 2 x 10" speakers with a horn.

            The specs for them say they go down to 62 Hz.

            I have an Ampeg "mini SVT" cabinet (8 x 6.5" speakers with a small horn) that the specs say it goes down to 70 Hz.

            With the same bass, powered by the same preamp and amp, the Ampeg has NOTICEABLY MORE LOW END.

            And then the crazy thing is, BOTH companies specs for low end are referenced to -10 dB!!

            FYI - The Italian company that Mackie bought was RCF - they are sort of the JBL of Italy. Pretty good stuff.

            The LEM Cabinets are I believe made by General Music, who is more known for their keyboard products, but makes other stuff.

            I'm not sure who makes these cabinets you have found, but there is a lot of great stuff in Europe that we never see over here.

            If you get them, let us all know how they sound in comparison to the usual suspects (SRM 450, Eon 15).

            Jay Storey


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              I'm just comming back from the store...i listened to de db opera 112. I didn't had the chance to tried them with a v-drum...i listened to a cd. The guy in the store put some dance music on. I didn't like the sound, the high end where too hight for me (and the stoopid salesman put the volume way the hight)...my poor ears! Maybe with a drum these would be good. I've tried some yamaha smp 5 with a tannoy sub...this time the sound was good but guess what...it was double the price!!! honestly i'm getting tired of searching for monitor...i'm disapointed each time i listen to something! I don't have this problem for home theather of stuff like that!!!

              Anyway...for 600$ canadien they seems like a good deal...nothing is cheaper than that...but they just don't sound like a wanted them to sound....maybe if i cut the hight on my mixer! Anyway...i'll think about it...I'm suppose to buy my yorkville ysm1p for at least 3 week now but i cannot deceide if it's a good move or not. (alot of people here and in the store seem's to think it's not a good idea) ...maybe with a sub but...god that's expensive!!!

              AHHHHHHHh i'll go do something else because thinking about monitor gives me headache!

              V Club / pm3 / an extra kd7 / a pd80r snare / an extra cy6 / an extra pd8