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Bob Clearmountain drums...exs 24.....

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  • Bob Clearmountain drums...exs 24.....

    I'm hearing some outstanding feedback on the Bob Clearmountain selection of samples available in various formats....

    I'm looking to incorporate them into my logic audio and my exs24...exs24 accepts the AKAI s-series format...are the Clearmountain drums in the AKAI format fairly easy to incorporate into the emagic softsampler??

    Along the same lines, would appreciate feedback the roland bass and drums expansion board, jv80-10, to be used with the xp and jv modules...are these samples comparable in any way with what's available in the beloved td-8 or td-10???

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    Can't answer your questions on Exs24, sorry.

    I have a Roland MBD-1, which is the standalone version of the bass and drums expansion. The bass sounds are good and very useable, but the drum section doesn't even come close to the TD-8 or 10. It seems none of the patches are multisampled so it sounds pretty poor. Roland also wasted a lot of sample space on loops and breaks of live drumming which are completely pointless, where the memory could have been used for 200 or so more drum samples.