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PM-3 question....

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  • PM-3 question....

    Hi all, my guitarist and I are going to be living in a dorm room unfortunately next year(D'OH!), and we will have our equipment there of course. I need a monitoring system for my v-customs, plus we need just a monitor for general purpose things. My question is this: can i run the mix of guitar and v's from our mixer to the PM-3s and use it kind of as a small PA? If you have any other suggestions please feel free to let me know! Thanks!

    the freak

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    Two things here:

    1. in general e-guitars require a different amp and (especially) different (flat) speakers to get a good sound.

    2. as many members already stated: the PM-3 is a good sound system but it can be wondered if it's powerful enough for live playing. This has nothing to do with the number of watts (my amp only has 130 watts and it is very loud) but everything to do with the output.

    Try before buy...


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      hello freak! i have the PM-3 also. I was recently in a very similar situation as you are. I was attending school at the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe Ohio. I had my Vs and my XP synth, and my RP-2000 all lined in to an Alesis 12R mixer. It did the job sufficiently, given the room size and volume level we played at. However, you have to consider that the PM-3 was designed for reproducing drum sounds. That means a less-then-wide frequency range since the bandwidth containing most drums sounds is relatively narrow compared to that of say, a piano or guitar. The result seems to be that the crossover sends a dis-proportionate amount of signal to the sub-woofer. Kinda muddys up the giutar and synth! But it does sound KILLER on the drums! As for wattage, it has plenty! I use it on stage as a monitor ran directly from the mon. out from the main mixer. It does just fine! I would NEVER attempt to use it as a main P.A. speaker. No matter what size the venue. It is simply not designed for full-bandwidth operation. But hey, you're in a dorm! My PM-3 had to double as a coffee table and T.V. stand! It's all a matter of what sounds good enough for you! If it were a choice of my all-in-one PM-3, or a 4000watt P.A. with a sub cab. and a full-range speaker stack on each side, given the space available..............PM-3 works just fine!!!
      Da Chazman