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KD120 $196

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  • KD120 $196

    I just got a summer 2001 catalog here from Explorers Drums and Percussion. They are listing the KD120 at $196 bucks! I'm sure its a typo but its also worth a shot to anyone in the market for this thing. Good Luck 1-888-523-7867

  • #2
    hey but what are you asking for the kd 120?
    and if you are asking a good price for it we
    can do it.


    • #3
      Sorry, I'm not actually selling this thing. I was just posting what seemed to be an excellent deal in print. At 196 bucks, that is an excellent deal if they are actually selling them at that price.


      • #4
        If it is in print it is gold. Sam Ash, Guitar Center and others will match it.


        • #5
          Maybe...maybe not. If they called to check the price and learned it was a typo I don't think that they necessarily would be obligated to match it. After all, if no one is actually selling the product at that price, what is there to match? Technically, it would depend on their written policy, if any. Many sellers contain clauses in their ads/websites that say they are not responsible for errors and typos and that when they match competitors' prices, that certain restrictions may apply (must be actual price paid, must exclude rebates, etc.). Just my $.02

          But if they do match the price, then kudos to them!
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