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vsession set in other colors?

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  • vsession set in other colors?

    I am looking and getting a set of v sessions. Does anybody know if you could get the white of blue pads instead of red?

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    white or blue... keyboard is acting up....


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      Have you seen the red pads in person. I too wanted white pads instead. I then saw them in the store and changed my mind.The red kit is gorgeous! At this time the Sessions are only packaged with red pads.


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        In Holland you can order parts separately. So if you want a Vsessions module with the blue pads...


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          Cliff, I have saw them. I am just not a big "red" fan. I like the idea of having white pads so I can build my own addon drums. I already have a 10" mesh pad I have built that matches the pros perfectly. I have 2 - 12" shells, 1 8" and 1" 10 tom blus the 10" I already built. I was originally looking to build a set. that would make 2 8's, 3 10's, and 4 12's. Hopefully I can match the color of the red ones.