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    Let me say first that I start this with the fear I'm going to get killed(figurativly speaking of course) for even asking this.

    Has anyone heard of a td-28? No, yes? Well, I have a friend who live in Valdosta, GA (USA) and he ask me if I had played them. Of course I haven't and I then began explaining to him that he must be mistaken and that he meant to say td-10 but no. So could someone in Valdosta, GA go to M & M music store and clear this up. I hate to ask but I live almost 2 hours away. He doesn't own vdrums so I'm not sure he would know a td-10 from a td-5. But my curiousity is starting to annoy me.

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    MODEL TD-28

    How do you use one a these things?


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      The TD-28 exp is the model to go for. it has an additional wheel, with free drive belt and tub of grease.

      Still, the question remains TD8, TD10exp or TD28?
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        TD10 + TD10 + TD8 = TD28.

        \oo/_ _\oo/

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          Ok, I've enjoyed the jokes. To be honest the more I think about it he MUST be talking about the td-8. What else could it be? We have guy on this site that go to all the "new instument" shows and they haven't mentioned this "td-28". Like I said he doesn't own electronic drums so I'm not sure he would know what's new or what is not.

          Anyway, thanks for the post, I did get a laugh from what you guy had.