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what's the best triggering system for acoustic ???

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  • what's the best triggering system for acoustic ???

    Hi all,

    what are your suggestions for the best system for acoustic triggering ?? I need to trigger my acoustic sets so when i play rooms with less that ideal PA set up, i can still get a good sound( i already own a Drumkat turbo BUT would like to not having to lug it around , if possible )
    It's strange, even though with all the praise, i'm still not convince about the Ddrum or Vdrum..they are cool but nothing like an acoustic set...i mean it's like an acoustic piano and a synth, both are great BUT totally different beast.

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    You're right, V's are not acoustics, they're very different beasts, however they can sound very, very close to acoustics. I'd say that through a decent sound system, and a good mix with a band - V's and acoustics would be indistinguishable to Joe Public (ie an audience).

    However, it sounds like it's really acoustics you're after - so stay with them, and look at some mic's for your acoustics.
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      vudoo..I agree, acoustic vs. V/Ddrums are not comparable. I STILL prefer acoustic drums, but own DDrums. I like the DDrums for certain applications, and I like acoustic for pure enjoyment. As for VDrums, I'd like to have a set of those too!..but no room! Although I dont have personal experience with them, many people seem to like the DDrums triggers, especially when used with the DDrum brain..


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        Indeed, ddrum triggers with a ddrum brain works perfect! To me it seems that what comes out of my headphones is exactly what I play

        Triggering acoustic heads works better than mesh heads....
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          For triggering an acoustic set there are several options.

          If your goal is to have a decent drum sound for rooms with a less than ideal PA, then I would buy a module or sampler with some good sounding real drums. If your goal was to add electronic drums to your acoustic kit, then the real sounding samples would be of less importance. For a ddrum module the ddrum triggers are the best (because fine-tuned to their software). But they are expensive. Trigger Perfect manufacts similar (yellow) triggers, which may work with other drum modules or samplers as well. BTW: for sampler you need a trigger to MIDI converter, for a drum module not.

          I would anyhow buy a rim-trigger 'cause these are more flexible than triggers who have to be glued to a drumhead.