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Hart ADC triggers.....pros and cons

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  • Hart ADC triggers.....pros and cons

    Have searched the archives and come up with a few answers but I wonder if anyone has had any positive or negative experiences either way with the Acoustic Drum Conversion triggers from Hart....

    Specifically, how much is the volume actually reduced by triggering through a standard acoustic head?? is it possible to trigger through a mesh head...is it a good match for the Pearl Rhythymn travelr???

    Has anyone used these in a live situation??
    Are there any better similiar products on the market that would be compatible with a DM

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    Check out my acoustic kit if you would like. Link is below. I have had excellent results with my Roland module. Contact me if your interested, info is free.

    Sorry, I haven't even seen the Hart inserts first hand, can't help you there.

    Beatniks' Page


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      The Hart ADC's work outstandingly well with mylar heads. They don't work nearly as well with mesh heads. If pad noise is a factor, then I would recommend HartDynamics Acupad Series X products.

      Contact me at 1-800-769-5335 x24 or email me at [email protected]
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        Originally posted by PAUL ANDRE:
        They don't work nearly as well with mesh heads.
        Is it ok if I just want to use it as bass drum trigger ??(with mesh head)


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          That may work. I have a Spacemuffins set which uses mylar heads and somewhat similar baffling/triggering techniques. The toms and snare don't work well at all with mesh, but I have a mesh head on the kick and it works just fine...not to mention super quiet.