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V-Drum Newbie, PM-3 Question

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  • V-Drum Newbie, PM-3 Question

    Hello everyone! What a great place to get so much information on the V-Drums and anything related to them.

    I just purchased a V-Custom and t will be here on Thursday. I have a purely home studio setup, no giging. Would the PM-3 suffice for jam sessions in a small studio?


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    In your home studio?

    Sure. It will suffice there. Not for playing live.


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      I'm not so sure the PM3 would suffice for even small studio jams. Unless you turn the satellites away from you, in which case *you* might not hear them so well! The PM3 system isn't very loud at all. For the same price (or cheaper!), why not get a JBL EON? Or for a few bucks more, a Mackie SRM450? Or even cheaper, an EON 15PAK, which has 3 inputs and still packs more punch than the PM3 (IMO). Plus, the standalone monitor/speakers don't crowd your drum rack, and can take additional inputs (keyboard, mic, etc.)


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        I was considering the Makie SRM450, but wasn't sure how I would like the sound coming from only one side.

        Are there any stereo options under $1000 that can really punch out the lows?


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          Hi Evets.

          I have the same setup as you're suggesting (V-Custom & PM-3). For home use - they are the bees knees, the lows are good, and the stereo sound from the satellites is great - it gives you a much better feel (given that sounds come from where you hit).

          Many on this board give the PM-3 a bad press: this is because they want a monitor to gig with (which will also act as their main source of sound). I'd suggest that many of these people have only had a brief play of one in a music shop - and haven't tried it as a monitor / at home / at a rehearsal. The PM-3 will not cut it as a main speaker in a gig - it aint meant to ! but it is great as a monitor at a gig. Lets face it, the PM-3 system has been specifically designed as a monitor for Roland V-Drums - it DOES do the job.

          As for rehearsal - I rehearse every week with a Rock covers band, and if anything find that I am too loud. I have never had complaints from the band that they can't hear me. When things inevitably crank up - I'm there with the best of them, and without distortion.

          The great advantage with e-drums in general, is that you don't have to play at high levels - admittedly, I found it hard with acoustics to play 'quieter' - it just didn't work right. With V's this is not the case. Everyone can turn down a little: Less damage to everyone's ears, less work on the vocal chords of singers, and more importantly you can here the subtleties and niceties of the music you're playing without it being drown out by noise.

          It's horses for courses - I can only give my opinion having used the equipment for the past 6 months. To be honest, when I set out to try the PM-3, I had read many posts on it here, and expected that it would sound poor and wouldn't be up to much. I was pleasantly surprised by the PM-3, and can say that it more than meets my needs of home practice, monitoring and as a sound source for rehearsal. The rest . . . . as they say . . . is history.

          Do read as many posts as you can about the PM-3: but in the end, as with everything - try before you buy: and go with what YOU think . . . I did, and I won't be looking back.

          TD-20, Pair of JBL-Eon15 G2's & Sub

          Check out the demo tracks to hear my V's at



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            I really appreciate your perspectives on the PM-3. I'm really glad to hear some positive feedback. I'm not quite ready, (financially) to take the plunge just yet, but I will definitly head down to MARS and put their PM-3 through the paces before I make my decision.

            Thanks again!


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              For under $1000 you can easily find a pair of JBL EON 15PAKs (the predecessors to the G2's), which will give you nice stereo monitoring and also be quite suitable for small-to-medium gigs as speakers. They'll have lots of bottom in them, esp. if you're driving a pair of them to split the bass load. Each one has more bass power (130 watts, feeding a 15" woofer) than the PM3 system. They have multiple inputs (add a microphone or keyboard!) and 4-band equalizers to tailor the sound as well.

              I also am not disagreeing that the PM3 is fine for what it's designed for, i.e. *personal* monitoring. But if you're spending that much $$$, why not get even more flexibility? The Eons and Mackies also transport very nicely, being around 50 pounds or less apiece, with angled cases that can stand upright, be slanted on the bottom or back as stage monitors, or be pole-mounted. I would not want to spend $700 or so on a PM3, and then one day wish that I also had a powered speaker for small gigs and have to buy yet another monitor.

              This is all IMHO, as I've owned a 15PAK and now have a G2 (sold the 15PAk cheap to the vocalist in our band, who loves it!), and have checked out the PM3 setup in a music store or 2. The G2 was only $550 shipped, and I can't see spending an extra $150 or so for a more limited (and less powerful) speaker. I do plan toopick up another G2 one of these days to enjoy the stereo as well. $^)


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                Quick follow-up: Mars Music has open-box Eon 15PAKs for $480 on their website. Dunno if you can get them in person as well. A pair of those would really kick, with a lot more bass, etc., than a PM3! 2 130W amps driving 2 15" woofers....


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                  Originally posted by Oz DrumR:
                  The great advantage with e-drums in general, is that you don't have to play at high levels -
                  You never heard my band playing? Oughhh....