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Is there gonna be a new TDW?

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  • Is there gonna be a new TDW?

    Does anyone think that Roland might do a TDW-2 soon? What would they put in it anyway? In my TD10 manual it says something about the TDW range of expansion cards, or something like that.

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    1. never heard of it
    2. there's no room for it in the module. Or it should replace the tdw-1


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      I don't think they'll release something like a TDW-2. If you think about it we lived with the TD-10 for almost 4 years, then in 2000 the TDW-1 came up. I expect another 4 years before the next release appears. By then it'll be time for a completely new module.
      Having said that, I also think that pressure from other companies could make Roland to speed up development of new products. So far I haven't heard much about Yamaha's DT-Xtreme and Ddrums is still in it own niche market.
      Finally, don't pay much attention to that part of the manual. It was written years before developing any expansion card.

      Since TD-10's OS can't be updated via software the possibilities of having more updates are null IMHO.