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Anyone know of any good WWW sites with Drum Samples? :P

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  • Anyone know of any good WWW sites with Drum Samples? :P

    I would like to use a sampler in conjunction with the td10 module and would like to dive head first into some major drum sample sites... any good ones out there you guys would recommend? Thanks.

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    I scoured the web for several hours and could only find orchestral percussion sounds of any quality.

    Go to www.sonicimplants.com and they have multisampled drumkits for most samplers. they really are extremely good and very playable. They cost $15-$25 dollars per kit, which after playing them is well worth it.

    I'm working on some mp3s right now, watch this website.


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      MP3s are up on the "Products" board.


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        Hey thanks for the info... Um.. I see they are categorized by sampler... but I would assume any sampler would work, am I correct?

        I will be using emagic's exs24 sampler and one day possibly a hardware sampler in a live situation.



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          I bought the samples in Gigasampler format, but IIRC they also do Akai format, which most samplers support. Check to see what formats Emagic supports.


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            The "2 dudes" site has some cool samples. I think everything is in WAV, Aiff and SDII format. You have to buy their CD however... Cool site intro anyway...


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