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Missed snare hits on V-Customs - arrrgh!

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  • Missed snare hits on V-Customs - arrrgh!

    I read with interest BLACKFLY's posts about missed snare hits; sorry if this is redundant, but here's my similar problem:

    When playing just the snare, or just the toms, or just the bass drum, I get the sound I want at whatever velocity, no problem. But when kicking a beat using the whole kit, about once a minute my snare will not sound, even on a loud and obvious beat. I determined that this is apparently always when another pad is being hit - which from BLACKFLY's post sounds like a crosstalk parameter problem.

    This is a supremely annoying problem as it occurs when in the heat of playing, and royally screwed up an otherwise inspired recording session the other night. Do you think it's the crosstalk, head tuning, or are there other parameters I might check?

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    Hi C,
    A couple of months ago I posted similarly, and was exremely frustrated with my V-custom kit. It turned out that the problem was chiefly cross-talk and mask time. In the heat of the moment, thrashing around etc. the kit as a whole is subject to vibrations, and the mask time could rub out an intended note due to a recent unintended one.
    You have four trigger banks to play with; try setting cross-talk and mask time to 0 on all pads. I'd rather have too many notes than not enough!
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      Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'll try the crosstalk/mask time settings first, then spring for the contact cleaner (which would have plenty of other applications in the studio anyway.)

      I appreciate the replies.