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Rack Mounting TD-10?

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  • Rack Mounting TD-10?

    I've seen the RAD-10U Mounting bracket listed for around $70 . Question, has anyone bought one of these? Is it worth freekin' 70 bucks? Has anyone come up with an alternative to rack mounting thier TD-10? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    You can use a Middle Atlantic sliding rack shelf. Make sure you have the cords snaked because it's a nightmare if you don't. You also have to use silicon cement to stick it firmly on the shelf. Just put it on the four corners of the module under the rubber feet so you can just take the feet off if you want to remove it.
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      SKB makes a velcro-lined rack shelf with cleats, you just stick some velcro on the bottom of the TD-10, and Bob's your uncle. As Jrcel said, have the cords snaked!
      I've never heard of that rackmount bracket before...

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        I bought a rack tray from GC. It had many holes drilled in it. Two of these line up perfectly with holes in the bottom of the TD10. So far it has lasted for 3 years in a 6 space rack.

        The module will fit in a 10" deep rack, which mine is. You need at least 3 spaces for it. 4 or 5 spaces is preferable, unless you have very slender fingers.

        Hope this helps.



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          I was hoping to find away to mount this thing vertically. I will probably have to make something up myself. I want it right there in my face. The dang power cord and cables will probably take up a space on thier own. The Roland bracket looks to mount it at a slight angle? Can't really tell from the pictures.

          Hey, thanks for the suggestions.