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Anyone got the Handsonic?

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  • Anyone got the Handsonic?

    Before lashing out hundreds of pounds on a Handsonic, I wondered if anyone out there has one and can give me and other readers a run down of just how good or bad it is.

    I have read a lot of reviews by very impressed writers.

    Pete, UK


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    Hiya Pete,

    I'm no hand percussionist, but I saw Steve Fisher Demo the Handsonic on Saturday (at the Sydney e-Drum expo) and the product was absolutely amazing!

    I couldn't believe the things he was doing with this. Some of the other guys around here own them, and will give you a better idea. But from a non-hand drummer's perspective this thing offers to hand drummers what the V's offer to us 'stick' drummers!

    Possibly more.... the 'real time' sequencing that was demonstrated was quite special . . . as for the 'beam' trigger thing - very entertaining!

    I had a little play with it and I was very impressed. Hopefully an owner will give you his / her thoughts.

    As with anything - try, if it meets your needs, and it's within budget, buy!

    Just my 0.02

    TD-20, Pair of JBL-Eon15 G2's & Sub

    Check out the demo tracks to hear my V's at



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      Hi Pete,
      I've had one now for about 2 weeks. If your a hand drummer you might find it a little frustrating. But overall, I like it so far.
      Of course I'm still getting used to it. I wish the pad diameter were a little larger. For some reason I am having trouble getting used to the programing aspects. I thought it would be easy after the vdrums, but it seems awkward for some reason. I bought a scratch and dent from Musicians Friend. It is in perfect condition as far as I can tell. Paid $899.00.


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        From concept and playing possibilities it's just great. But from sounds ... Mmmmmm....


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          Although the reviews were good, they just didn't look that playable to me-- I was wrong. I finally found one setup at MARS I could play with and I was really impressed. Like the VDrums, once I started playing around with the thing, I couldn't pull myself away from it. Go play one before you fork out they money (tastes differ), but I'm very seriously considering adding one to my setup. Very cool product...


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            There is a handsonic community of 116 members over at Yahoo groups. Lots of data.



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              thanks guys..

              it is a difficult choice to make...i think i'll have a good long try out before I commit



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                Just for the record.... I'm sending my HPD-15 back. Its a good machine... for what it is. But its to small for my hands. I can't reproduce my conga setup, or for that matter many of the patterns that I like to play. If I had $900.00 - $1,000.00 to send on a toy, I would keep it. But I don't. My advice at this point would be... If you have big hands and you are a traditional latin player .. spend a lot of time with the HPD-15 before you invest. Its a neat idea and a good product, its just not for me. I couldn't sleep last night because I was trying to rationalize spending that much money on something that ALMOST is what I want. Good luck making your choice, I hope my post has helped.


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                  I fully aggree with Mr. Berry, you should spend some time playing one before you commit. I have one and love the hell out of it. Is it perfect? No, but as far as electronic hand drums I think it's the best thing availiable at this point. Could it be improved, yes, but what instrument couldn't be improved in one way or another. Like Tom and others have said it isn't for everyone, especially if you have limited funds it is really something you need to justify. With me as I mentioned in other posts that I generally have more money than brains and tallent . I actually have kicked around getting a set of real Congas and Bongos to learn some hand techniques that are either too hard on the Handsonic or you apply differently to get the same sound but that is just my madness of approaching hand drumming. Hope this helps

                  Brian Kidd