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Pintech K3 or VK10 Kick, anyone?

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  • Pintech K3 or VK10 Kick, anyone?

    Does anyone use the Pintech K3 kick trigger? It is basically the same type of trigger as the Roland KD7, inverted bent beater, but it sells for under $30 while the K7 is over $100. I'm wondering if it's a good trigger. Looking for something that's easier to transport (and maybe "wander" less) than my KD80. Also, has anyone out there tried the Pintech VK10 'Vertikik' trigger?

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    I used the K3 for a short time. I found that I do not like any kick trigger with an inverted beater. They are very durable and inexpensive though. A friend of mine had the vertikick but after trying my CK-V he did not want to use the VK anymore.

    If you go with the K3, be aware that I had a problem with miss triggers because the wood beater would "stick" momentarily to the rubber suface when struck with moderate force. I suppose a piece of duct tape could fix that though. Also, the wood beater may be hard on your foot because it absorbs less shock (and the K3 is practically solid steel)than a felt beater.


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      Went for the Concertkik Mesh headed bd pad. The noise is minimal but I felt the need to foot board it in place to keep it from rocking.

      It works well enough once you tame the bounce a little by slackening the head and altering your footwork.

      It triggers quite well but I can't help wondering what the more expensive Roland kick pad would be like.

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        Couple things real quick-

        The Pintech inverted trigger does not have a mix in jack, so if you were thinking about buying two for true double-kick, you can't daisy-chain, you need to use a splitter.

        You can, however, use a double-kick pedal with it, which you can't do on the KD-7.

        Lastly, Duct tape is a very, very bad idea.
        Because as you play, you wear out the top of the tape. Underneath is all the sticky **** from the tape, which makes the pedal stick to the trigger much worse than it would with no tape.

        Trust me on this, folks...stay away from tape.
        Any tape.
        All of it.
        I even had the same thing happen when I used those tired Danmar pads with my old acoustic kit. Remember those?
        "Hey, we put a piece of plastic in there...you know, so it sounds all clicky and ****ty..."

        I contacted Pintech and told them that if they added a mix in that they'd sell more pedals (at least to me), and the guy said he'd forward it off to his R&D department. I doubt he did.



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          Originally posted by Cyberjam:
          Went for the Concertkik Mesh headed bd pad. The noise is minimal but I felt the need to foot board it in place to keep it from rocking.

          I'm going to try a Pearl ISS clamp attached to the CKV pad and then a Pearl arm to my Gibraltar rack to tame the very slight vibrations from the pad. Still a very nice kick trigger though.

          point taken on the duct tape. The long term effects outweigh the short term benefits. Aside from some sort of lube on the K3 rubber surface, I cant think of another long term solution to the sticking problem.., inverted teflon beaters...?


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            You may not believe this, but a Drumtech Fat Pedal is one of my favorites. It's very heavy duty, simple, responsive and Very accurate. You must change you tecnique slightly though. No beater to wobble around and cause balance problems. It does not move peroid, aircraft{NASA} grade velcro, you just about pull the carpet up with it when you take it up.
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              I have used the K3 and don't like it. And I own a VK10 and I'm moving up to the CKV. The VK10 is just not a good or realistic feel at all, you are striking a hard, imovable surface w/ the beater. Very uncomfortable. Get a CKV it's only $170, a KD80 would run you $290.



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                The K3 sucks....that is all there is to it. You think WOW $30.00, but that is what you get....a $30.00 piece of junk. You can't even compair it to the KD-7. IMO