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Pintech CC102/102ST

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  • Pintech CC102/102ST

    I have a few questions on these drums. I'm *still* thinking about getting one as a larger snare on my Customs. And yes, I've done a search here and read lots on the Pintechs. Still have some Qs! $^)

    Is there a big difference between the 102 and the 102ST? The ST has a fancier bottom (not important!) and a slightly different construction. I have a Roland/Remo 10" mesh head already. Can I use this on the 102 (which comes with an acoustic head) with no problems?

    I'm aware that the PD120 has the best positional sensing. How does the PS on the 102's compare to that on the PD80R? Has anyone tweaked it recently to get PS?

    Anyone try replacing the 2 mono output jacks on the Pintech with a single stereo jack? I don't think this would be much of a problem. (I'd rather cross a wire internally than use an external Y adapter.)

    Finally, is there a place to buy these cheap? I've found the CC102 for 90, and the 102ST for $110.

    Thanks in advance for any info here!!!!!

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    I was also wondering about the pintech 102's.

    1. Are the mesh heads single or two ply?

    2. The 102ST appears to be a 10" PD-80 in terms of construction is this true?

    3. What kind of trigger does the 102 have, a cone like roland's or something else?

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      102's are mylar headed... They are fully baffled with foam and use a collector plate. The ST version uses a foam bridge across the center of the pad with the piezo in it. A mesh head will probably not work out too good on a regular 102 chassis being that it is fully baffled. I suggest using the 102ST design if you want to use mesh heads...

      Newer 102 pads do come with a stereo jack.

      If you already own 102's, Pintech will sell the guts for them to convert to ST...


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        sep, thanks for the info! I was wondering if the non-ST could be used with a mesh head. ALso, it makes sense that positional sensing doesn't work well, because of the foam 'bridge.' You need radial symmetry (like the cone contact in the center) to get the signals for PS.

        hmmm.... PS and more $$ with the PD1120, or no PS and less expensive CC102-ST. Gotta think....


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          Sep, are the mesh heads 1 or 2 ply and if they are 1 ply have you tried the remo/roland 2 ply?
          thanks for the info.


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            The Pintech mesh heads are single ply.. They were dual ply for a short period of time, but are now single.. I imagine Roland mesh heads will fit.. never tried it though..