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Recoding V-drums via midi sequencer

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  • Recoding V-drums via midi sequencer

    I've searched the archive and found that in many ways the TD-8 or TD-10 is somewhat limited midi-wise. What I want to do, whether it be the V-session or V-club, is record my drum performance via midi into my computer sequencer - Logic.

    Has anybody done this with an outboard sequencer and played it back through midi into the TD modules? Is every nuance of the performance captured or is it a dumbed down version and only midi velocity is captured? IOW, are controller messages, like maybe the hi-hat pedal and chokes etc., sent to the midi out port and an exact replication captured or can this only be done internally with the TD sequencer?

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    I record my td-10ex to midi all the time. There are very few instances when it does not capture what it should...in fact, it is sometimes more accurate than I would like to believe <g>.

    Positional sensing (midi cc#16), velocity, pedal controller (midi cc#4), cymbal chokes, all record into Cakewalk with no problems and are faithfully reproduced on playback. As far as an outboard sequencer, your mileage may vary, but I'd imagine a good one that was made recently should present no problems.

    Hope that helps.
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      Yes, that does help! Thanks!