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Space needed for Vdrums?

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  • Space needed for Vdrums?

    I won't be back by the music store for another week. Could someone please tell me how much floor space is needed for a V-Session or V-Pro compared to a V-custom? Thanks.

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    This is just a guestimate (and yes, I hate that word), but I'd say that I'm 6'1" tall and the minimum I'd allocate myself for comfortable playing is me laid down on the ground each way. So, maybe a 6'x6' square...?

    I have the V-Pro, and can't speak about the size of other kits.

    Keep in mind that since I'm 6'1", I find that I'm more comfortable with the drums, kick pedals, etc., a little more spaced out than the kits they have on the floor at music shops. I find those cramped and unplayable.

    Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that if you can afford a 6x6 square, you're all set. You may need less, but I doubt you'd need more.

    Speakers and other mixers and samplers and stuff take up room also, so keep that in mind.



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      The answer also depends on how width you set things up. I - for instance - am a very tall man so i need much space between my throne and the snare drum/bass drum. On the other hand I like to have the tom toms and cymbals close to me. So...


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        Thanks for the feedback. I'm 6' tall and I have a 5'x6' space to work with. I was thinking of the customs but might just go all out and get the V-sessions.