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Pintech K3 Kick - Quick impressions

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  • Pintech K3 Kick - Quick impressions

    Just got my K3 from zZounds for about $32 shipped. (Yeah, I swore I'd never order from them after they sat on my Eon G2 order for well over 3 months, always saying 'soon!' but it was cheap. $^)

    So, what's it like? It's a small metal cylinder with a rubber trigger area (wide enough for double-bass beaters on a single pedal) and a metal rim. I clamped my Yamaha pedal, which has a full baseplate, onto the rim. The beater is a bent one with a wooden ball on the end. Unlike pictures I have seen, I had to attach the beater so the beater is bent upward. Set the pad type on the TD8 to K2. (Couldn't tell a difference between K1 and K2.)

    Pad settings: Sensitivity is up (at 15, max is 16). I set the minimum to 2, with no apparent crosstalk problems (Xtalk set at 30 just to be safe). Response is linear.

    Impressions: The feel is pretty good. I tightened the spring tension a bit, and have the pedal fairly high. The inverted beater (first I've owned) doesn't feel all that strange, just a bit different. I can get decent speed (not that I'm a pedalspeed demon! $^) and no real mis/missed triggers.

    The 2 things I like about it are the small size (no assembly needed, takes up no more space than the pedal itself), and the pedal doesn't wander like the KD80. (I'm playing on a bare wooden floor, spikes etc. are not an option!) I was using a metal bar tucked in behind the rack uprioghts to keep the KD80 from wandering forward.

    One interesting note, it doesn't "look" like a kick, as the upright pads do. ANd people watching can see a lot more of the bass pedal work with this exposed beater. For better or worse! $^)

    The K3 is definitely a cheap and portable way to go for double-bass setups, using either one trigger with 2 beaters, or 2 K3s with 2 pedals and Y'ing them into the Kick 1/2 input.