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Who's got the V-Cymbals?

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  • Who's got the V-Cymbals?

    Has anyone got an update info on when the V-Cymbals are going to be shipped? Do you think ZZsounds and/or Mars will be the first to retail? How about street prices at this point, anyone got a handle?

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    So far, the closest date I've run across for any of the online stores having them in stock is April 15 and that's through American Musical Supply. In fact, I'm ordering mine this week from them.

    While we're on the subject of AMS, another good reason to order from them is because they do something that I haven't seen from any other online music store:

    They have what's called the Easy Payment Plan, which allows you to charge just one-third (for amounts between the $250.00 minimum and $1000.00) or one-fifth (for amounts over $1000.00) of the purchase price of whatever it is you're buying to your check card or credit card and they'll send out your gear upfront! If it's an in-stock item, you'll generally receive it in about three days. The remaining payments are charged to your card in one-third or one-fifth increments every thirty days until the amount is paid in full.

    I work for Bank Of America during the day, so I always know if any bull**** is going on that involves using my cards or accounts, and I can tell you that I've purchased quite a bit of gear from AMS using the Easy Payment Plan (in fact, I bought my TD-8 this way) and I recommend it without hesitation. So when my next payday hits on the 15th, I'm going to call AMS and place my order for the new V-cymbals (hi-hats, 2 crashes, ride). I've figured the initial charge to my card to be $364.93 (shipping costs are included with the initial payment), with a delivery date of April 15th.

    Bottom line: if you want the gear and don't have all the cash right upfront, I haven't run across a better deal than this.....

    Hope this helps!
    TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad


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      So the set of hi-hat, ride and 2 crash v-cymbals will cost $1094.79?


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        It is $850+ at mid west percussion.In another post, someone reported the listed price drops when you add to your shopping cart. I beleive the hat and crash is about 209 and the ride is 245.


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          As I noted on another post I implore you all to try them before buying. I've sampled them at both the local Guitar Ctr. and Sam Ash and I have reservations, esp. at those prices.

          Or if you can't access them for a try-out at least get a 30-day return policy from your retailer so if you don't like them you can return them.

          Just my opinion.


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            I tried the cymbals today at Guitar Center and thought they were great. I played them on my favorite set from the original TDW "Groovin" and liked it. Not so much for the sound but the feel -- Its nice to hit a cymbal that gives a little and to be able to get the Bell sound from the ride when actually hitting the bell. Anyways just my two cents..
            Denver, CO
            Vpro Drummer