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New cymbal pads with TD-8

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  • New cymbal pads with TD-8

    I have been trying to go back to electronic cymbals on the PD-7's but they sound crap. I think it could be the pads. Sometimes you hit them and it is okay, then hit it again and the sound peeks too high, sounds ****. Anyway I tried the new Roland cymbal pads, but that was on a TD-10 Exp brain and they sounded excellent.
    Two things: Anyone got the new Roland cymbals and are they an improvement over PD-7?
    And can you use a single input for dual, as I know it is triple zone on TD-10 which takes two leads, but does dual trigger on TD-8 only need one lead?
    I am using real cymbals and the band don't think they sound very good with the V-Drums.

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    The new cymbal pads are just that, pads, the sound is no different. Dual trigger with stereo cable should work from everything I've seen. You just won't get the third zone on the ride. They are advertised to work with all Roland modules. I don't believe anyone here has taken delivery of them yet.