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V-Session a few observations

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  • V-Session a few observations

    I called my local Sam Ash to inquire about the availability of the Session. It was in stock and set up for demo. I went straight down to check it out. Here are a few things I noticed.
    *The Rack- anodized red (by the Mag flashlight company I've been told) and ribbed so that the clamps hold better. The pad and cymbal clamps do hinge so you can reposition them without taking the rack apart. The red finish looks MUCH better in person.
    *The Pads- They are NOT painted. The wrap has been digitally "colored" by a process Remo uses often. The "fade goes from black to red (wide) to white.The effect is O.K. from a distance but I still prefer the whte wrap. The blue cone is now black and less noticable.
    *The Cymbals- BIG improvment over the 7's and 9's. They move very realistically and the "movement" can be varied depending on how tight you screw them down. The "edge" is much easier to play on all especially the Hi Hat. No more accidentally triggering a "loop".All the cymbals "choke" and the delay problem reported earlier has been fixed. I was very impressed.
    *TD-10- The positional sencing seemed to work better than the expanded pro. I'm not sure why. Perhaps the V-Cymbal expansion modifies this also.
    I will be buying this kit in the near future for no more than $4200 delivered. I think Roland has reached the next level.

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    Just wondering where you can get such a great price on the v-session?
    Any leads greatly appreciated.


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      midwestpercussion.com is selling the Session for $4230 delivered. wholesalemusic.com has it for $4200 + shipping. bpmmusic.com beat midwest percussion with a price of $4190 delivered. All 3 are also selling the V Concert for around $3400. The Sam Ash saleperson was blown away by the $4200 price. Hope that helps.


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        Which Sam Ash in Florida did you go to? I was at the one in Orlando last weekend but they don't have the v-session yet. I would love to demo the new v-cymbals.
        Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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          Sam Ash in Tampa. It is probably in Orlando
          By now also. Make sure the cymbals are wired correctly as the kit I demoed was not. It too a few minutes to reroute.


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            Thanks Cliff!
            Just ordered a set from BPM in CO.
            They quoted me $4,249. I wasn't about to haggle over a few dollars because they have it in stock, and offer free shipping. Additionally, it beats the price midwest quoted me of $4,250
            (and they are out of stock.)

            This is my first eDrum and I am stoked! Now I just need mr. Fed ex ground to work quickly. Oh the joy of anticipation!!!Thanks again for the info.


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              Congradulations! They are the best on the market and don't let anyone try to tell you different.


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                Originally posted by cliff:
                Congradulations! They are the best on the market and don't let anyone try to tell you different.


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                  Originally posted by Arriguy:


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                      (Apologie for my englsih,)



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                        $4230 !!!
                        What a freakin' bargain !!
                        Man, we can't afford not to buy that !!
                        Better jump on that immediately.
                        I mean for cripes sake, they're practically
                        giving the damn thing away!
                        How do they make a profit ?
                        At these prices Roland's going to go out of
                        buisness in no time flat and no one's
                        going to be able to get a V set !

                        Hey, somebodys got to take the heat off
                        Might as well be me.


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                          Good yes...best?..DDrum...

                          Originally posted by cliff:
                          Congradulations! They are the best on the market and don't let anyone try to tell you different.


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                            Originally posted by cliff:
                            Congradulations! They are the best on the market and don't let anyone try to tell you different.
                            I wonder what butch would say if he were here???

                            Lonelyt: congrads!!! your going to love them. I think we can all relate to that feeling of anticipation you are going through. BTW don't make any big plans for about a month or so, you will be spending the bulk of your time with roland.


                            Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.


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                              Went to Mars Music today and they had both new sets setup. Damn, no modules on em' yet!

                              Got to look at them real closely though yipee! Heres what I saw.

                              Cymbals look neato. The ride had two inputs, one labeled bow/edge and one labeled bow/bell. I'm little leary about the 1" of soft very squishy edge though. I wonder if it will hold up for the heavy hitters out there? Oh, you better change out the little tightening screw underneath (use an allen set screw instead), hits the underside very easily when they sway. The mechanism is so simple I wonder why its not been thought of before now?

                              The red anodized rack is real cool.

                              How about that cute little chrome nipple on the hats, he he. Realism huh?

                              The concert kit pads are beautiful! Better than the more costly kit in my opinion. The sessons are faded on top of white but the concerts are faded on top of chrome. Very very nice looking pads! Confused on why they didn't go with the chrome on the sessons with the anodized rack and all?

                              Hopefully I get to actually play them next time.