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Just picked up a mackie SRM450

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  • Just picked up a mackie SRM450

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    Spides: I agree with your opinion of the Mackie srm450. One word of advise though, don't try using two srm450s until you can afford to buy another one, because after hearing two you will not want to go back to one.


    Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.


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      Hey Spides,

      What AMP are you going to use to power you Mackies? What Nominal Impedance combination are you going after? Just curious.

      General question. Do most of (you) use 2-way speakers only, or have some of you tried
      3-way speakers for full reproduction of EQ?



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        The Mackie 450s are powered. No need for an external amp. 300 watts to the woofer, 100 to the horn. Simple, fast and excellent.



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          Originally posted by Spides:

          One last thing, if you can't afford Mackies don't try them, you will be pig sick afterwards.......Mackies for president.....
          Would'nt that be "prime minister" on your side on the pond?

          I concur on the Mackies, I play CD's through them now and hear things I used to miss on my home stereo system. I bought just one to start and liked it so much...I ordered another within weeks.... Damn,I'm starting to sound like a manufactures rep, Maybe I should paint mine red.



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            You don't need 3-way speakers for "3-way speakers for full reproduction of EQ," whatever that is exactly. 2-way systems can easily reproduce the full audio spectrum with minimal or no dips in response. It all depends on the drivers, crossover, and cabinet.


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              Rudimint, I daren't try two..one gives me a hard on as it is ......lol.....
              Szvook, what amp? You've got to hear the Mackies, you would laugh at that question...
              Redarrow, well we say president over here even in slang terms. I know what you mean by hearing things you didn't know were there. I took my TD-8 brain along and plugged into a V Drum kit in the shop with the Mackie to the side of me, and I couldn't believe how much EQ I had on some of the kits.....
              I might invest in some ear plugs......


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                  Szvook, thanks for the reply. I hope I didn't come across as patrinising because that wasn't the intention. I didn't have a clue about the Mackies till I came on here.
                  One of the reasons I went with the Mackies is because I didn't want to depend on going through a PA to be heard. Don't get me wrong a powerful PA can't be beaten.
                  But I had a chance with a few bands but their PA wasn't powerful enough. Most semi-pro bands only use the PA for vocals so they don't need wacking PA's.
                  Now I can have the Mackie at the back as the main sound for the drums. (good for practising with the band) I have it on a pole, aiming outwards, but slightly tilting towards my right side. The Mackie has a good wide spectrum sound, just under 180o from the face of it. have to be careful with volume, but so far it has worked great.
                  I used to have three way Yamaha speakers, try the Mackies, if your not blown away, get your money back.
                  When the bloke sold me mine he said if any sounds on the V Drum distort, at any volume, in any way, he will give me my money back, no questions. and believe me I will not be getting my money back.


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                      Some good points there Szvook. I think I will have to get some ear plugs, because to get the 'feel' of the drums I have the Mackie on about half way. But I do have the pads about half way on the TD-8 brain. I don't have the Mackie facing me though, I would go completely deaf if I did.


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