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KD120 vs. KD80

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  • KD120 vs. KD80

    I am sure that some has mentioned this be for, but what is the difference (besides the size) and is it worth it to upgrade. I am running 2 kd7 right now.

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    Ask yourself if you want to spend 300+ $ to have no difference in sound. Do you hate the perverted beater? Do you want to use a double pedal? Do you just like the way it looks? The KD120/80 may be more reliable, but I think the jury's still out on that point. I have heard of breakdowns in the KD7, but not on the other two. I can't think of anything else to consider. How about you?

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      I have not played the kd-120. If it doesn't feel any different than the kd-80...I wouldn't have it.

      I, presonally, like the kd-7 just fine. It feels more "real" to me than the mini-trampolines that the others feel like to me. I was having a hard time NOT doing double bass licks on the kd-80. Hated it.

      Personal preference. But, I like the pd-120 WAY better than the pd-80r. Maybe it's a similar comparison...I don't know.

      You are going to have to play one of each. If you can't...it's way too much money to spend without a good test.

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