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TD-8 & MIDI?

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  • TD-8 & MIDI?

    Hello all,

    This is my first post, but I've been a reader for quite a while. Love this resource.

    I have a problem with my TD-8 and MIDI. What I'm trying to achieve is to record MIDI on my Cubase and then trigger TD-8 with the recorded midi. So far I've only managed to play back piano on my TD-8. What am I doing wrong? How do I make TD-8 play drums from the recorded patterns?

    Thank you so much for help!

    Matej Grginic

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    the roland video has a good explanation of this.even i can understand.


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      thanx guys!!

      A little modification, but makes a world of difference I was sending my midi data on channel 1 instead of 10.

      Now I can easily record our drummer (I'm a bass player and a drummer wannabe) and practise with his midi patterns. AWESOME!

      I love it! That Omar Hakeem artice really
      opened my eyes Who would have thought that midi can sound this good these days

      Thanx again guys!