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Yamaha BP80 w/SPD20

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  • Yamaha BP80 w/SPD20

    Does anyone know if this combination will work? I would like to add a Yamaha BP80 dual trigger pad to my SPD20, but I want to make sure I can trigger two seperate sounds from it. Please let me know if you or using this combo or have tried it before.

    Thanks !!

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    I feel sure it would work just fine. I have the SPD-20 and it will "dual trigger" on 2 of the 4 external inputs... with either dual piezo pads or fsr/piezo combo pads. The other two inputs only dual trigger with the fsr/piezo pads. I believe the pad you're describing is of the fsr/piezo variety just like the rubber Rolands, is it not? If so, you could dual trigger all four inputs using this pad... plus, you can layer two sounds on both head and rim.