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V-Custom rack bag for $35

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  • V-Custom rack bag for $35

    If you’ve come up with some type of case for your V-Custom rig but don’t know what to do with the rack, I have an inexpensive solution. I found a car top carrier bag at AutoZone (also saw one at a PepBoys) that the rack fits nicely in. The dimensions of the bag are 39”L x 32”W x 18”H. The length and width of the rack are several inches bigger than the bag, but the height of my folded rack was only about 10” (compared to 18” of the bag). This gives you enough extra bag to fold around the rack.

    There are 4 straps intended for strapping it to a roof rack. These can be threaded through their own buckle to make 4 carrying handles, just cut off the extra strap length. It is almost easier, though, to just grab hold of a rack bar through the bag.

    The bag is made of a thick nylon (cordura I think its called), and obviously waterproof. The bottom has a dense foam padding.

    I have my cymbal pads mounted pretty low, and in fact cut about 6-8” of bar off the main and boom piece. You may have to take them off if you have them high, or just fold them down.

    To see one, go to Carparts.com and search for “Auto back pack” for a similar (or exact?) bag.

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    Along the same lines as the car top carrier bag: I use a gas grill cover to cover my V-Customs if I have to leave them for awhile. The cover is heavy and waterproof so it works better than a tarp if you have an outdoor gig with questionable weather conditions. They come in different sizes, so measure your kit carefully.