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Vcymbal news from Mike Snider

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  • Vcymbal news from Mike Snider

    Hello all. I attended the workshop in Atlanta with Mike Snider this Sunday and learned a couple of things about how the upgrade is going to be handled. He said that it will be a TDW-1 upgrade and that you will be asked to remove your TDW-1 and ship it to Roland. Upon receipt of your TDW-1, they will then ship a new cymbal compatible TDW-1 to you at their expense, in the same manner you shipped to them. So, if you ship Fed-X overnight they will get it out the day they receive it overnight back to you. They will also have a method in place for people that can't be without their TD-10 for a couple of days. This will require you to order a new TDW-1 and they will charge the purchase to your credit card. Upon receipt of the new TDW-1, you send your old one to them and they will credit your credit card.

    One other thing I found out about the ride cymbal is that in order work properly (3 zones) you run 2 cables out of the cymbal and the second cable goes to your Aux. 1 input. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I was not thrilled to hear that I would give up that input since I already use both Aux. inputs. The cymbals themselves really are nice though. I only was able to play them for a minute, but I really liked the way they feel. The sounds are not upgraded in any way but the motion of the cymbals is very natural.

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    I concur with Arriguy. I was also there and his description is accurate. There was no mention of whether it was "user installable" via midi, but it sounded like a reasonable deal, if you need the upgrade. Mike did not indicate that there were any other changes besides this.

    Also, it's a plus and minus that it uses two inputs. The plus is that you still get dual zone (either bell/bow, or bow/edge) with just one input and without the upgrade to your card. It is only if you want to use all three that you must give up the extra input (which I'm afraid I'd be unwilling to do). This means that, without the upgrade, you wil be able to use it as a two zone pad, same as the crash and hat.

    They looked pretty sweet, and, alothough not a NEED, I will check out at least the hat (I hate the raised edge on the pd-7). It will be interesting to see what the street price is. I think he said $250 retail, but you'd be pretty foolish to pay retail anyplace. Ex. retail on the tdw-1 is like $350, I got mine for $279 without looking or waiting. I'm sure it could have been had for a few bucks less. So that's $75 off. It wouldn't be surprising if these (crash and hat) didn't go for about $199.95 street, would it?

    There's my two cents.

    PS Arriguy seems to be a nice guy.
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      Originally posted by redbrick:
      PS Arriguy seems to be a nice guy.
      Aw shucks...Thanks Redbrick, it was nice to meet you too. You too jdsail.