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Tama HT610

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  • Tama HT610

    Hi, everybody:

    I never thought I'd be initiating a thread about such a mundane piece of gear, but it's so cool and I'm so happy with it that I wanted to spread the word to anyone else that might be interested in such a thing. I just purchased the new Tama HT610 "Sumo Seat" throne, and it's killer!

    After setting up the seat and playing my kit for about five minutes, one thought became immediately apparent: there's certain little things about the design of this throne that make a huge difference in how your body feels when you're using it. I'm sure that most of us drummers have experienced pains in the back and backside during periods of playing whether frequently or intermittently, and I now believe that two main reasons for this are lack of firmness and width in most drum thrones--problems both addressed with the Sumo Seat. I'm not the smallest guy in the world (6'1", 250), and it was even more alarming to see just how little real backside width support most typical drum thrones offer after observing other drummers smaller in frame than myself. And I know that all the throne makers hype "memory foam", which makes your seat look nice after you're done using it, but let's face it, on most thrones this very feature is an ergonomic drawback. After a couple of hours of playing, I could feel the wood panel beneath the foam on my PureCussion throne, which at the time was considered a high-quality piece of gear. The Sumo Seat uses a much more rigid foam that comforts your backside without sinking out of shape. No more back pains, no more pains in the ass (literally). What can I say? I'm one happy camper.....

    Incidentally, two other really cool features of this throne that are also found in Tama's other thrones in the 1st Chair series are the Swivel Sleeve and the Hite-Lock. Personally, it used to just annoy the hell out of me to get that slight back-and-forth rocking from my seat cushion where it attached to the rod (once again, not good for the back), and to have to constantly readjust the height of the throne because the rod wouldn't stay in place. The Swivel Sleeve and the Hite-Lock cure these problems.

    So there you have it. It doesn't hurt me to play my drums anymore. And for $129.00 (sale price, of course), I'd say that's a hell of a bargain......

    TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad

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    i just picked up a TAMA 1st Chair today and it feels great. Well impressed, alot more sturdy than my old Premier stool. I like the quick adjusting and the swivle lock which allows millimeter height adjusting.