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Sonic Implants MP3s triggered from a TD-10

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  • Sonic Implants MP3s triggered from a TD-10

    Recorded on MiniDisc then sampled and recompressed on the PC (I know- compressing twice isn't a good idea!).

    Apologies for the length and volume- with all this technology I was reduced to using Windows Sound Recorder Also apologies about filesize: My MP3 compressor seems to make the MP3s too high a bitrate even when set to 128kb/s...... are there any decent quick compressors around?

    General mucking around- samples are all SonicImplants except the Hihat which is pure TD-10. The hihats are the only disappointing thing about the Sonicimplants kits with no half-open sounds. Never mind as the TD-10 hats are very good.

    Both 1.3Mb and using the Large Ambient 1 kit ($25) with snares on and off:
    www.coringrieves.co.uk/LargeAmbient1.mp3 www.coringrieves.co.uk/LargeAmbient2.mp3

    2.3Mb using the Loose Yamaha kit ($15): www.coringrieves.co.uk/loosekit.mp3

    I also have the Small Ambient 2 kit. If I can compress these samples down a bit more I'll do some mp3s of that too.

    There is some detectable machine-gunning on low volume strikes. I think a bit of tinkering with trigger settings on the TD-10 should reduce that.

    PC is a PIII 500, 256Mb, Videologic Sonicvortex2 soundcard. I'm using the gameport MIDI in on the soundcard.

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    Hi cgrieves.

    The samples you uploaded sound pretty good...I don't think "better" than the td-10ex brain, but "different".

    I have the "Session Drums" soundfont from sonic implants and although it works, my results are not as good and I don't have the patience for a bunch of tweaking of the samples/triggers right now, since I like the way the brain sounds better than these samples.

    However, part of that is based on the fact that the Session Drums were the only thing available at the time and were a far cry from anything else out for soundfont format.

    Yours are definitely more my speed as sounds go than the "session" kit. The "session" ones are too much like the Birch Kit in the td-10, which I don't really care for.

    Thanks for posting. I hope you get good use of the samples.

    My Updated Website: https://blades.technology


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      Those kits sound really nice, cgrieves. I'd like to hear more of that.



      Above is a link to a website and a direct download link to a cool app called "Right-click MP3" which allows you to right click on any sound file and either compress or decompress it at any bitrate you choose. It's easy to use, and the guy that makes gives it out for free.

      Also, there's a CD file system DLL file included that will make the songs on any audio CD appear as wave files, so you can just do a drag-and-drop to extract them from the CD (NOTE: Win 9x only on the CDFS, it doesn't work with NT or 2K).

      It's quick and easy.

      Contact me offline and we'll talk about divorcing you from that horrible Sound Recorder. You clearly need something better (that's a shot at sound recorder, not at you).



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        cgrieves, I thought you were using Gigasampler??? With my gigasampler I can directly record everythin gigasampler plays within gigasampler. There is a record button somewhere.
        The recording is then 100% digital with no noise. You'll have to encode it to mp3 after it. I use Lame for it. Works very well except for the interface, which is dos.


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          Redbrick- you're right, I'm intending to use a mixture of kits from the TD-10 and GSampler, this was merely a demo of the SonicImplants samples. There are some TD-10 kits that I couldn't do without, and the TD-10s ability to tweak sounds is somthing a Sampler will have a hard time doing. Its more of a sonic expansion than a replacement.

          Excellent, thanks Binary, the right click util is exactly what I needed.

          @oM, I would have used the Gigasampler wave output but would have lost the TD-10 hihat. I couldn't find a way of routing the TD-10 in to the line-in and having Gigasampler capture it. I'll play around a bit more though and see what I can do.


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            Oh sorry I didn't see you were using the td-10 hihat. I already thought the hihat was kind of different.
            I think your samples sound very nice (toms, kick and cymbals). I think it's only a pity that they haven't included more velocities and left and right hand hits on the toms and the snare and stuff like that.


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              Agreed, I personally like the TD-10 hats anyway- very playable.

              I did mail Nemesys and they mentioned an "Advanced Hihat" feature in Gigasampler, but I haven't tinkered with it as the Sonicimplants hihats aren't good enough.

              One problem I have noticed is that buzz rolls tend to reach MIDI limitations, and with fast buzzes you can hear the Pulses-Per-Quarter-Note limit. You can hear that on the mp3s. Also I noticed that without setting the hihat thin function on the TD-10, triggering delays got worse when feathering the hat pedal. I guess there's a bit too much information happening there.

              I noticed in Cakewalk (a very old version), you can raise the PPQN setting. Would that raise the MIDI resolution and do you reckon I could get it to work with the TD-10?


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                I have been recording my td-10ex to midi into Cakewalk with no timing problems. I did not even use the the "thin" feature. I have Cake set to the default PPQ, and, although I'm not really doning anything that complicated (no press rolls and the like), I did do quite a bit of ghosting and I depend on the Hi-hat "chick" for marking time a lot...no issues. This was for a contemporary Christian project that is still being mixed (as we speak) on my friends 1680/1880. We recorded to midi for the convenience. I recorded at my house to a ref track and then emailed him the midi, where he loaded into Cakewalk on his end, borrowed my brain for a few hours and dumped it to audio. We did do a few tweaks here and there (no 127 velocity Crashes!), but no quantizing. It synched up nicely and sounds very good.

                I will try to post an excerpt of one of the tunes if I can get permission.

                My Updated Website: https://blades.technology


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                  Hey cgrieves,

                  I couldn't resist. I had to get the samples. (Large ambient 1). They are pretty cool but I need to remap a few notes. I got the SBLive version.

                  One other thing about them that bugs me is that, for some reason, while I'm playing them, there is significantly less volume than when I trigger them from the keyboard, but when I play back the midi file that I record, the level is fine. Beats me. Now I just have to do the mapping. I'm lazy, though...damn - I only have one crash (and a spliash n the rim...has to change) and the hats just are a pain to work...these will probably go the same way yours did <g>.

                  My Updated Website: https://blades.technology


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                      My mp3s are now less than half the size thanks to Binary!