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TD-7 vs TD-7 Turbo

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  • TD-7 vs TD-7 Turbo

    I've got a TD-7 and have never been happy with its sensitivity on some pads. Is the turbo version a big improvement in this area? What are the differances between the earlier TD-7s and the TD-7 Turbo?



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    It's an improvement but not that big. Roland also re-programmed some of the patches. But, no new sounds or whatsoever.

    I got my turbo update for free, but in the USA you had to pay for it. I don't think it is worth the money. Keep the money and try to buy and used TD-8 or so.


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      I loved the upgrade and definately consider it worth the 75 - 100 bucks. No new sounds but the minor changes they made the speed and sensitivity made it a lot more fun for me to play. For the first couple of weeks, I felt like I was flying around the kit like Dave Weckl. Once I got used to it though, I had to go back to snail's pace of practicing...

      Upgrading to the TD10 was a much bigger improvement :-) For a while I thought I was Buddy Rich. Only minus the talent and not as much of an SOB...


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        OK, say I did want to waste (errr...spend) the $75-$100 on the upgrade, how do I get it. The guys at Guitar Center didn't even know you could upgrade the TD-7. Big surprise there. Thanks


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          Please contact www.rolandus.com

          Perhaps the td-7 upgrade is discontinued since Vdrums are hot now