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New V Drum price alert!

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  • New V Drum price alert!

    The big boys are going to be selling the V Concert for $3999 and the V Session for $4999. I've done a little research and so far the lowest prices I've found are the following:
    Mid West Percussion;
    V-Concert $3395
    V-Session $4250
    BPM Music;
    V-Concert $3395
    V-Session $4354
    V-Pro (limited quanities) $3099
    That is quite a savings.

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    (in a high-pitched whine: )

    but what about customer seeeerviiice?!?!?

    ya price haggling leech.



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      When I ordered my V-cymbals from Midwest Percussion, the price at which they are listed and the actual price on the order are different. For example, you can select the V-High Hat for $245, then go to the "shipping cost" screen, and a price of $209 shows up.

      Similarly, the cost they show for the V-Ride is $295, when the actual cost when you order is $249. My order of two V-crashes, V-ride and V-hi-hats is $879.80, shipping was free. Though it's a lot of money, I think it's a great deal for a complete set of V-cymbals. Check it out for yourself. Go to the site and indicate you want to purchase a V-cymbal. Get the final price with shipping and it's lower than the advertised price.



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        Do they have the cymbals in stock?
        Denver, CO
        Vpro Drummer


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          They told me two complete sets will be arriving end of February and the rest in March. I should be getting the first set that arrives.

          While I'm holding out hope that this is true, I can't help but remember the TDW1 delivery problem fiasco this time last year.
          Still, the price was right and I figured if they come in when promised, great, if not I'll wait like everone else.