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Pintech 13" AcousTech Snare

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  • Pintech 13" AcousTech Snare

    Currently own a Pintech CS-8 concert cast set thanks to Erik @ Sep drums (A well deserved plug!).
    Looking for an improvemnet on the standard dual concert cast 10" w/mesh heads & interested in perhaps Pintech's 13' Acoustech dual snare.
    Heard great things about the Hart Acusnare as well ........
    Any words of wisdom would be deeply appreciated!.
    Just like many ... in search for an "e-snare" that can match the qualities of a real acoustic snare.

    Thanks to all!

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    Hi Dana,

    FYI, Boom Theory makes a great e-snare, but it's not mesh and therefor does have stick noise. The tracking and feel however is the best ! If you need mesh I would look into the Hart's snare with double ply mesh head. I got to play one, but it was not pluged in. It did feel good and look cool too.