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Behringer Mixers?

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  • Behringer Mixers?

    Anyone use the Behringer 802A mixer? Any feedback? What's the best way to mount it?

    I plan run separate direct outs to the house and use the mixer for my stage mix. I'll be running a mono signal and thought I would use the right direct outs to run to direct boxes and then to the house while using the left direct outs to go into the mixer then to a Mackie 450.

    Am I thinking of this correctly, or is there a better way to accomplish this.


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    I use the 1604, it's nice. I just have it sitting there, though. I haven't mounted it on my rack. I doubt I will, it's a little bigger than the 802.

    Are you saying that you'll center everything and then send the same signal out of the R and L, running one to the house and one to your mixer? If so, why buy the mixer?
    You could just run from the left out to the mackie.

    I may be misunderstanding you.



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      I need to send separate outs to the house board. With taking the four right outs to the house, I thought I would have to take the four left outs (no pun intended) through the mixer, then to the mackie 450. I need to be able to give the house ability to mix the separate components while still being able to control my mix.

      I'm playing the v's in church, but I don't have a whole lot of confidence in our sound guy. He tends to over-adjust my volumes and generally keeps the volume too low. I'm hoping by giving him separate outs, he'll be able to only turn down the kick when appropriate. It may be a waste of time though...

      By the way, is there a way to take the rest of the band mix through the Mackie? I was afraid the amplified signal would be too hot for the mixer, particularly the mix in on the TD10. Someone mentioned something about using a direct box somehow to reduce the signal back to a line level.

      Sorry to ramble, I got quite frustrated last week!!!!

      Is there a better way?

      Thanks for the reply.


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        I'm using the 802-A. I think it's great (no complaints). As far as mounting options you can get "ears" and mount it in a six space rack. Or...pick up a decent music stand and mount it on that. It's alot cheaper and gives you several more positioning options.


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          I don't know how big the Behringer that you are talking about is ... but... Gibralter make a set of mounting brackets that will fit on their racks as well as the roland rack. The mixer sits on it, you can angle it down so that its easy to access. If you have access to an Interstate Music catalog you can see the bracket in the Gibralter section. I "think" I paid about $30.00 for the set of brackets. It works very well.


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            There is a way to do what you want without even using the Behringer mixer. Here it is:
            1) run as many outs to the board as you need (I use direct 1 left for the kick and send the rest out the main l and r in a stereo mix)
            2) use the headphone output from the main
            board to the mixin of the TD 10 (be sure
            to use a stereo cord if the group is in
            3) use the headphone output of the TD 10
            into the Mackie 450 - you'll need a stereo 1/4"
            to xlr cord or adapter - be sure to set
            TD10 mixin to headphone only
            4) now your TD10 headphone knob is your
            drum mix and the mixin knob is the main
            mix - experiment until you like the
            balance of the two in the Mackie.

            Hope you can follow this. E-mail if you need more info.


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              Being the control freak that I am, I run with a 1604 in a "trolley" set up. That is the mixer is loaded in a specialised 19" rack that has the mixing desk on top (facing up) and all my EQ's, effects and compressors are loaded in a standard rack system below the desk. By having everything in this type of rack or "trolley" everything stays wired up (which obviously saves time with patching) all I do is plug in my direct outs to the multi-core and park the trolley beside me (don't even have to leave my seat to adjust anything). Having a spare few channels allows me to control my own foldback as I like it, I have separate control over my own sound and I can also control the foldback level coming back from the main mix desk (or foldback desk - depending on the size of the gig). Needless to say it ends up being a fairly costly exercise but set up time is nearly zip! Hope that all made sense to you!

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