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EQing the rim?..is it possible?

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  • EQing the rim?..is it possible?

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased a Mackie srm450 speaker to use with my vpro-kit (w/tdw1) and it's awesome, but my snare is sounding kinda' dry and deep. I'm using the Rosewood kit, because it has a really nice tom sound. Anyway, I went into the snare and up'd the high and set down the low on EQ and that seemed to help with the snare, but the rim shot is still low and dry sounding. Is there any way of taking care of that problem? I tried it at the master level, rather than the pad level, but then it REALLY screwed up my high hat!! When I hit it with any velocity it sounded like a clap!! Can someone PLEEEEAASE give me some suggestions before I tweak with it til' everythings screwed up!! ha ha.



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    From my experiences if you change the eq on the rim you also change it on the head. No way around this one I could find.