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  • TD-8

    Where, in God's name, can I find the BEST price on a TD-8??? I know I saw one somewhere for $629.00. I did a search here but most prices are from old posts.
    Thank you!


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    I came across the same $629 figure in a post a few months ago. It was supposedly from a place called 8th Street Music in Philadelphia. However, when I contacted them shortly after, they gave me a quote of $685 (not a bad price, but still quite a bit more than $629). Good luck!
    Roland TD-12, Pearl DRX-1 tom and snare pads, Roland PD-8 pads for cymbals, DW pedals and stands, Pearl and Gibraltar hardware


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      I just bought a PD-7 from 8th Street Music for $119.00 new with NO shipping charge. Personally, I haven't found a better deal on PD-7's anywhere else. Now that I've said that, I should mention that this is the same 8th Street Music that wanted to sell me a new FD-7 for $325.00 (!!) that I eventually purchased from Musician's Friend for $169.00. Once again, this was the best deal I was able to find. The moral of the story? "My mama told me, you better shop around".....
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