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Where are all the PD9's?

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  • cgrieves
    PD-9 for 88 in the UK? No chance, unless you go secondhand. Weird that yours took so long, Joe and myself got our kits in full, way before the stated 28 day delivery time.

    If you're desparate, cut a few circles of hardboard, stick mousemats on the top and mount a piezo (50p) on the bottom. That'll give you functional cymbals until the PDs arrive.

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  • Judster
    started a topic Where are all the PD9's?

    Where are all the PD9's?


    I ordered lots of stuff from musicians-gear.com in November. It has all arrived except for 2 PD9 pads I ordered. Apparently it is really difficult trying to get them from Roland at the moment.

    musicians-gear.com do have incredible prices, but be aware that they are only cheap because they carry no stock. Should they advertise a turn-around of four weeks if they can't honour it?
    On the plus side, of course, I've saved a lot of money buying my equipment from them,
    but I think they should make it a little clearer that some items may take a while to arrive.

    So, anyone know where a UK customer can get a PD9 pad for about 88.39 (musicians-gear.com price). I'm certainly not willing to pay 200 as some shops in the UK ask, I'd rather wait. But if anybody knows of other alternatives to waiting months for my equipment, let me know.

    Otherwise, I might have to become a re-seller myself.