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Dear Father Christmas ...

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  • Dear Father Christmas ...

    Dear Father Christmas,

    Why didn't you brought me a present this year at NAMM? I was a nice boy throughout the entire year 2000 and never intended to hurt anyone. Okay, I bashed Roland a few times, but they sometimes earn it. They are so arrogant over there in Japan...

    You know, Father Christmas, I bought a ddrum4 module last year. And I did it especially for you because I know your favourite colour is red, too. Isn't it? That's why you gave the V-people some red V-kits as well. But they are happy, now. While I am alone with nothing. Why isn't there a present for us? Even not a itsi bitsi memory or a louder headphone output?

    What do you say? Ah, you wanted to liberate the V-drummers from their awful pd7/pd9 cymbal pads first. And we ddrummers had our useful updates and free new sounds all the time. I understand your motive: helping the indigent people first.

    But father, is there even not a new sticker or t-shirt?

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    Harold, Chris:

    Even my wife was in stitches (and for the most part she thinks I need serious mental help for the time I spend checking on this site).

    Good posts.
    Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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      That's nothin'.
      I check this site so often my wife thinks
      I'm communicating all night with a
      girlfriend .... and I'm serious !!!!


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        Yeah what a lousy NAMM this year


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          Top Man.
          I think you should get free Vdrums.com stickers for that post


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            Ahh... there was a t-shirt. Great improvement, Clavia !


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              Putt... is that a PD-7 that I see?

              \oo/_ _\oo/

              [This message has been edited by rus (edited January 23, 2001).]
              \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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                Ehmmm... Ouch... well it's a nice weather outside, isn't it? And congrats with your new president (reagan) and I am only 38 years old. So what do you have for diner tonight?

                Yep, it's the only Roland part I still use. I use it for some effects and it works quite good. For serious tom tom use it's a bit too small for me, so it is for cymbal use. Hence I already bought the real headed 10-12 SIB pads when I had the Vdrums.