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Quiet Kick Pedal?

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  • Quiet Kick Pedal?

    (this is my first post here)
    I was so pleased to find this site

    I originally started playing electronic
    drums for noise reasons. I typically
    play in an apartment (or at work)
    where this is a concern. I've recently upgraded from a td-7 kit to the Vdrums. (yah!)

    Anyway, everything is pretty quiet except
    the kick pedal pounding. Im wondering
    if any of the experts here have suggestions
    on a pedal, or even a simple midi foot trigger, that is quiet when played.

    Im thinking about the FAT pedal, can
    any FAT users comment on the noise it
    makes when played?

    thanks in advance,

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    The FAT kat pedal is WAY louder than even then KD7. It's force goes directly down and is equivalent to hammering on the floor with a rubber mallet!

    I love the fatkat because it's a good simple pedal but it won't solve your problem. The KD7 is better but I eventually splurged on a KD120. It's the best solution I've tried.


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      Try a kick pad with a mesh had. More flexible and less noise than any pad with a stiff rubber surface. Pads with real drumheads ofcourse even make more noise.

      Put the kick pad on a thick carpet. It isolates the frequencies and prevents the kick pad from creeping away.

      Try to play with a soft felt beater. Since the sound doesn't care (they are coming out of the box and not from the kick) you can try this change.