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New ROLAND Products - bash free please...

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  • New ROLAND Products - bash free please...

    For the sake of this thread, I would request that positive constructive posts be posted by VDrums lovers regarding their reaction and intended use of the new VDrum products.

    I've held my tounge for a long time while reading all the posts about how "Roland 'ripped' me off, this or that system is better, I don't have the latest or greatest newest item, etc, etc". Lets get a grip gang - everything depreciates, everything changes, one size does not fit all - that's life. Unless someone held a gun to your head, you should have been able to make an informed and educated decision regarding your VDrum expenditure. Heck, my $4200 Pearl acoustic set is only worth $1800, and that's assuming I can get someone to buy it. The Roland resale value continues to be very good (just look at eBay for TD-7's sales as an example).

    My VDrums are an investment in my mental health, quality of life, physical gratification, joy of music and personal pride. They are not, and never will be, an expenditure. Thinking in terms of $$ only means you are looking backwards, instead of forward. Waiting 18 months for the price to drop a couple hundred, or the next 'newest' thing to come out would equate to years off my life, ruined family and personal relationships, and lost opportunities. How can one put a price on those benefits?

    Thank you for allowing my 2 cents on that issue.

    Now regarding the new Roland products.

    I find it very exciting that Roland continues to move ahead with the VDrum line. I had been looking to upgrade my cymbals anyway (more money than brains), and I for one am excited about trying the new VCymbals as I suffer from occasional tendenitious. It would appear that Roland has been listening to many of our issues.

    Everyone wanted color options - well the new red and purple are here. Let's rejoice! I however am very happy with my white kit, and have no need to change.

    The newer TDW-1 has yet to be proven, but again, I'm still discovering the potential of my original TDW-1. A great deal for the new users, but no big problem if I don't have it.

    The used market will open up for older VDrums, and the availablity of add on's at a cheap price is exciting to me.

    My VDrum goals for 2001 (wife willing), is to get a new sound system (G2' or SRM450, or the new Yamaha's???), get a used HPD-15, and upgrade at least my HH pad. The rest of the kit is doing exactly what I paid for, and continues to exceed my expectations. Life, and VDrumming, is only going to get better from here on out.

    Thanks Roland!
    Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!


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    I can just feel the exitement rising on the site as we await the V-cymbals.
    I`m sold on em already and will buy all three as soon as they get into the UK.
    Not sure about that red kit though
    Like tom said "Thanks Roland"
    Lets all get loved up about our v`s again.

    Tom I take my hat of to you regarding the "My V-Drums are an investment" paragraph ,i`m going to print that paragraph ,frame it and stick on the wall.
    Love ya tom and i`ve never stopped loving the v`s.

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      I have never stopped lovin the Vs either... Like Tom said (paraphrased) Different strokes for different folks.

      I'm still looking forward to adding a PD-7 or two to my Vs... Then there's the possibility of sticking a sampler in the mix (mostly for snare sounds, but also for add on oddities) As far as colors... there are companies that make non-permanent wraps in all colors and patterns. I have a thing for flames and I'd like to "wrap" my V's with flame pattern and maybe paint my PDs like others on this site (I may wait for the waranty to expire before that though. That's all the upgrading I see for me in the near future.


      \oo/_ _\oo/

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        I agree with TomLandin that it is positive that Roland continues the Vdrum line and not switches to a VR drum or something only 4 years after the introduction from the V's. But I have my doubts about the some of the upgrades (compared with the sounds and functionality from td-8 the tdw-1 is a downgrade), the color changing (why didn't they do it from scratch) and the stripped Percussion Pad.

        Another thought: perhaps for some people who do play an acoustic kit as well as an e-drum kit Roland's policy is not so bothersome.



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          Sorry if I seemed to be Roland bashing, heck I've been accused here of over defending Roland . I just got caught up in the "Hey I just bought this six months ago and now it's passe" thing. I really am very satisfied with my Roland equipment and now am anticipating the upgrade, might really make a huge difference to the aftermarket ecymbal triggering. The v-cymbals do look to be the holy grail to the pd7 and 9 users here, more than was asked for!!!! Lets hope for never ending upgrades for the eternal TD-10.

          Non bashing thread, hmmmmmm. Now I've got that [email protected] song stuck in my head!
          Can't happen here I'm tellin' you...can't happen herere.


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            Count me as another happy camper. For me, the V's are the greatest thing since sex, ok, maybe not sex, let's try sliced bread.

            The cymbals appear to be a significant improvement if they deliver as promised. Too bad about the ride and the exp. card. Mine is only 6 mos old and my two pads to fill out the unit are 1 yr old. I won't be replacing them soon, but maybe Christmas will bring a few my way. If not, I won't cry about it.

            So, keep those improvements coming Roland (and Yamaha, and DDrum...).

            By the way, it's no crime to have more money than brains. Overpaying causes prices to remain high and keeps some product out of the reach of others. That's life. You can't trash Roland for it. They aren't non-profit. They shouldn't have to apologize for charging what the market will bear.

            Moral: You kids stay in school, study hard and get good paying jobs (so you can have more money than brains and buy lots of E-drums).
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              Originally posted by TomLandin:
              Life,and VDrumming,is only going to get better from here on out

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