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Cleaning Rubber Pads

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  • Cleaning Rubber Pads

    Has anyone used ArmorAll to clean rubber pads like PD-9's? Or is there any other particular product that is good for cleaning and restoring them(removing stick marks)?

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    Beleive it or not, the best thing to use is a damp cotton cloth. Make sure it is fairly wet and most of the "stick marks" will disappear. I have used ArmorAll and the results were not as good as you might think. Also, the armorall penetrates the rubber and is almost impossible to remove should you not like the slick surface.


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      Use a warm wet rag with mild soap {dishwahing soap} make sure you get all the detergent off the pad when you're done.
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        I'm looking at a bottle of this stuff. It isn't really for cleaning, it's a protectant for drying effects of the sun and weather. It appears to be a silicone spray. It seems to work well on the marks (I just tried it on my PD-7 HH pad). I don't plan on soaking it for a few hours and trying 3 applications per the directions - that doesn't look necessary.
        Now that I see the above posts, I think their recommendations are really all that's necessary.

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          I use armor-all on the PDs and rims at church as well as mine at home... The church drums are 3+ years old, mine at home is less than 6 months... they still look new... which is what I wanted.


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