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clamps for Roland Rack

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  • clamps for Roland Rack

    ok, it just happened to me. don't know what i would have done if it would have happened while setting up before a gig but the plastic clamp holding my td7 broked while tighting. i am replacing everything with better clamps and am going to keep extras on hand. my question for you drum gods is guitar center has the gibraltor clamps for $19/each. i am told the there is another comparable clamp made by Percussion Unlimited (or something like that) that sells for $12/each. anyone had any experience with these before i go replace all those plastic jobbers? also, anyone found a better price on the gibraltors?

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    I am only familiar with the Gibraltar and Dixon clamps and they are great.

    Some companies offer metal clamps which don't have enough grip and clamps for which you need an extra security/memory lock to prevent the clamp from turning around the round rack bars. Perhaps you can buy 1 clamp first and then play a while with it.


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      I have the clamps from guitar center. I think they are called Percussion Plus. I use the for my toms, cymbal arms, and module. I use Gibraltor clamps for the bars. I see no differnce between the percussion plus and the gibraltor. Both are metal and both could be removed without taking the whole rack apart. Ask the sales rep to give you a better deal because you will buying alot of them. The Guitar center in Totowa gave me a huge break. Good luck, Go Raiders!!!


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        I copy tips and save them every once in a while. Not sure who wrote this - but it's unanimous on Sound Perc. I like the idea at the end.

        I just replaced all the Roland plastic rack clamps with the Sound Percussion rack clamps (Guitar Center price-matched Musician's Friend $8.99, which is not suprising since GC now owns MF).

        The clamps are an EXACT knock-off of Gibraltar's rack multi-clamp (SC-GPRMC), except alot cheaper. In fact, I couldn't tell any difference from Gibraltar clamp: they're that close.

        I also took the handles/knobs off the Roland clamps, and used them in the stand to eliminate the need for an Allen wrench: much easier, now.
        Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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          I *thought* that GC bought out (or was connected to!) Musician's friend! Why? Because in their latest catalog, MF had the same 'custom' Gibraltar rack set-up sold by GC, the 350GC ("GC" for "Guitar Center" I think). It's the front curved bar (40", although folks report it is actually 46"), 2 36" vertical posts, 2 T-legs, 2 24" side arms, all necessary rack clamps, plus 4 multiclamps and 2 cymbal boom arms, all for $270 or so. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get me one soon-I may pick it up locally at GC and use my [but this one goes to $]11 coupon that came in my Spinal Tap DVD.

          Good tip on the Sound Percussion clamps--I may pick up a couple of extras. I got several Roland clamps at the local mom'n'pop music store, used, for $12 each. They were sitting on a shelf in the basement storage area, so I bought all 4 that they had. $^)