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TD10 + TW1 vs TD8 ?

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  • TD10 + TW1 vs TD8 ?


    Just a quickie - I noticed people talking about the response of the TD10 when the exp is added. Does anyone here have a TD10 AND a TD8 ? If so, how does the 8 differ / compare against an ordinary and expanded 10 ? Looking at the feature set of the 8 I reckon that it is probably better VFM, but if the responsiveness is less than the 10 then maybe I should look at a 10.



    Simmons SDX (x3), Roland TD7, Alesis DM5, Simmons pads, Hart e-cymbals,
    Simmons SDX (x2), Roland TD7, Alesis DM5, Simmons pads, Hart e-cymbals,

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    My opinon:

    I play a TD-10 with expansion at home and for gigs and I play a Td-8 at church.

    The TD-10 wins...hands down. I've used both kits through the church system, which is a great system - 30,000 watts, engineered for the room, etc.

    Now, part of the difference is that I'm using the v-custom kit pads with the td-8, which makes a big difference as well. Much more area makes for better positional sensing, more control because of drum placement, more ability to try to feel like they are real drums.

    The Custom kit, IN MY OPINION, although it sounds great, is not as good, and feels too much like electronic drums/toys - maybe I'm shallow.

    So there's my opinion <g>

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      I initially played my Fathers / Brothers Exp. TD10 for some time, and chose to buy the V Custom myself. This decision wasn't based on cost. I preferred the more compact setup of the Customs (The Acoustics I played were also quite compact ie. 8", 10", 12" + 14" floor). As far as sound - Personally I didn't find much to choose between the two - I could achieve everything I wanted (plus much more) with the TD8.

      This one has been beaten to death on this site, try the search function: or wait for the up and coming excellent FAQ section ! J

      At the end of the day, they're both great sounding modules - with heaps of functionality and very good responde, people will have their own individual gripes about them both but at the end of the day it's down to personal preference. Reading some of the posts here, you may think that one is heaps better than the other, the truth of the matter is that this isn't the case. Go out, try, try, try again then buy!

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