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  • speakers

    I see that quite a few of the v-drummers here are using self powered speakers. I am looking to purchase some pa speakers for my vdrums but want to use my carvin 250 watt amp as my power source. Does anyone have an informed opinion on what might make a good match with this amp? Would I be better off trying to sell the amp and going the way of self powered speakers? Any input would be appreciated...

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    The Carvin 742s are excellent monitors for the drums. I used two with a Carvin HT760 amp. However, if I were to assemble a drum monitor system today, I would get at least one Mackie 450, two if I wanted stereo.



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      I am using a Peavy KB300A, this is a 15" speaker and a horn with 150 watts of power and it works ok, I am trying out a pair of the JBL eon speakers, the old model not the new G2 version. I will let you know how I think they work



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        I got the Peavey KB/A-300 also. It's ok. I haven't had a opportunity to really crank it up - just use it in the home. Also played the Roland KC-500. I thought there was a big difference in the two. The Roland seemed to color the sound more than the Peavey but had a much better selection of in/outs. I like the 4-band EQ and reverb sends on all 3 channels on the Peavey. Unfortunately, there's not much selection in my area to do comparisons.

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          I have been using a Crown Ultra-Tech 1010 (275 watts p/ channel) amplifier with two JBL TR 125 (225 watts each) speakers. Works absolutely great for me for both music playback and V-Drums. Can definitely get the system thumping. The speakers can be a bit bulky, depending on your planned usage, but hey sometimes you need to give in a little.

          You can probably get the amp for around $500 and each cabinet for around $250.


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            You can also use the passive version of the Mackie SRM450, called the C300 I believe, in combination with your Carvin amp.
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              A little off topic, sort of.

              I have a 6 channel 600 watt EMX660 powered mixer and two Peavey 212H columns (300 watts each with 2 X 12's plus horn). I know a 15" inch speaker arrangement would be best (someday I will add one to my setup) but for now in my little computer room/studio this is plenty.

              I use the PA for my computer and voice too. I have a Sony tape deck connected to record everything and so far it is working quite well.

              Can't wait to have a bass player and guitar player over to try out the whole recording through the PA thing.

              I tweaked five kits so far for bone decalcifying live playing volume (in my little room that is, gotta wear plugs or phones) and man it is a real challenge!

              I plan to use this setup someday in a local club.

              Just a little off topic.


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                I've got a pair of Yamaha SV15's, they are 200w per channel used with a slightly more powerful amp. They are 15" speakers with a little tweeter horn thing too.

                I also have a pair of Yamaha SW118IV's, they are 500w per channel subwoofers used with a 500w per channel QSC amp (V-Nice!). They are 18" speakers and are rather huge!

                Great sound though.

                The 15" speakers are mounted with a funky pole to the 18" units.


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