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Pintech vs. Hart Dynamics

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  • Pintech vs. Hart Dynamics

    I am a drummer of 8 years. I have been playing acoustic drums up until 3 months ago.

    I recently purchased a Pintech CS-8 Kit. I have had some problems with it, which I hope are defects (not just crap), and I am working on returning it.

    This time around, I would like to purchase either a Pintech Tour elite set or a Hart Dynamics Studio BX kit.

    I will be using the set to play in a gigging band, so I would like for it to be durable and basically the best.

    I am using a Roland TD-8 module, which I dont intend to switch.

    Is one better than the other? Are the pads better on one than the other? Please give your input!

    The reason I am asking is because I dont live near any E Drum dealers and cant try them out myselves

    Thanks alot-


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    That is a hot subject.. Is Hart better than Pintech or is Pintech better than Hart, or are any better than Roland..??
    I get that a lot since I deal with both Hart and Pintech. My answer to which is better is: BOTH. Now take my salesman dealer biased opinion as you wish, but here are some good points about both (and I am not suggesting one over another because it is all personal preference when dealing with the two):

    Hart - triggering mechanism is engineered flawlessly (as an Engineer I notice that stuff)
    Pintech - extremely heavy duty shells
    Hart - dual ply mesh heads
    Pintech - lowest priced quality edrums
    Hart - lifetime warranty
    Pintech - lifetime warranty
    Hart - Very nice cymbals

    The list goes on. There are excellent qualities about each and one may outshine the other in different ways depending on who is looking & playing. Quite honestly the tech support and customer service for both is nothing short of professional and curteous. The folks at both companies are friendly and eager to help.

    So it all falls on what your needs are. Maybe you did not like the CS8 kit for certain reasons. I too hope they were defects and not overall performance. The Tour Elite kit is basically identical in performance as the CS8 kit, it just has more pads, a different snare & hardware package, and the shells are white. Other than that the pads are the same...

    I have played both and would hate to have to decide on only one. Therefore I have a mixture of Hart, Pintech, SpaceMuffins and ddrum on my rack.. My SpaceHartddrumTech kit is great and I chose each component because I liked it. Again I can't sit here and say play X or play Y because it is a draw and is better to be decided by the end user...



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      Go with the Hart's. The dual mesh heads are unreal. The cymbals are spectacular. In my opinion I don't know why anyone would consider anything else. Hart Dynamics are just plan AWESOME!!!!!!!
      Also, buy a custom over a studio. For just a little more money you get the Pro bass drum, a nicer finish on the drums and a stainless steel rack which will be better in the long run for your gigging.

      my $.02


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        I totally, totally agree with Eric on this
        one. Hart Dynamics all the way. You won't
        be disappointed.

        Oh, and definitely get the custom over the

        Hope this helps!



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          Just curious what the defects were that you mentioned. I have sort of a custom CS8 Pintect kit that I've been playing for about 4 months and have been very happy with it. I'm just wondering, though, if there is anything that I should be looking for in the way of defects/problems/etc.. Hopefully there won't be anything, but you never know.


          P.S. There sure are a lot of Erik(c)s on the list....


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            just for the record, I have the Acupads (Hart) and I have only minor complaints, and they might not bother another player, But I chose them over the Roland pads...much heavier hardware, and I like the Acusnare, my problem is with the bass drum pad. I have had mine for 2 years now...I have ripped thru the bass drum pad, many times, I play rock , but I am not a over hard player, I solved the problem by doing 2 things. I switched to the 2 ply mesh head and the most important thing to me, I found a much denser type of foam to put behind the head, in my opinion it was a 100% improvement. To me the pad still bounces too much, you have to play with a "hit and pull off motion" as opposed to playing with a hit and leave it motion, which is how I always played, it took some adjustment. I think Rolands newest bass drum pad is the best one available, it has the big side mounted spurs and is rock solid.
            I even asked Hart about the bounce, and they said I was the only one to ever mention it!
            It always seems that way, dosen't it?



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              Originally posted by [email protected]:
              I think Rolands newest bass drum pad is the best one available, it has the big side mounted spurs and is rock solid.

              Hart has changed their bass drum mount: It now has spurs!!! No problems with mine.


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                My SpaceMuffins bass drum has that bounce now that I added a mesh head to it. I dod notice some bounce on the Hart pads too, also the CK-V's.. I first thought it was my pedal. I use a DW5000AD double. It took some getting used to here as well...