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EonG2 and ZZOUNDS --- ALERT!!!

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  • EonG2 and ZZOUNDS --- ALERT!!!

    As one of the ones who started the ZZounds price war I have a warning to all who follow.
    I got my G2's for $590 and received them fairly quickly. On my first gig, they kicked butt. On my second, the following night they blew out. That's right, the high end went completely--- on both speakers. Just before it happened I smelled a burning electrical smell. Needless to say I was pissed.

    I called a JBL dealer and he said "off the record" that the first run of dealer demos had a defect which would cause problems in the amplifier.

    I then called JBL customer service and they admitted it and proceded to get me a new set of "good" speakers right away. They said they can't make them fast enough and are terribly back ordered. They said ZZounds wouldn't get any for quite a while.
    My new speakers arrived today as promised.
    JBL is to be commended on their customer service and how they handled this unfortunate incident.

    ZZounds, on the other hand, in on my **** list. I also ordered a Pearl cymbal boom arm which would not lock when the screw was tightened. Upon removing the screw I noticed that a metal bushing was missing. then I noticed clamp marks in the chrome, not once but in three places.

    Of course they will replace them but I live in Hawaii and time and shipping is very costly.

    I can only say "buyer beware".

    A final note about the JBL's.

    If you haven't tried two G2's in stereo... you don't know what you are missing.

    My quest has been to emulate the sound of a trap set on stage so the other musicians get the full benefit of a spacious sound... not just a drum set coming through a single mono stage monitor. This stereo setup does it.
    The stereo panning adds so much to the sound.

    If any of you have and G2 problems I can give you the person I talked to at JBL. They really want to take care of professionals. They know they are in a battle with Mackie and they know they have a better product and are willing to go the distance to prove it to us.

    Email me if you need the info.

    Good luck


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    Thanks for the info, Kieth. That makes me a little nervous...


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      I just got my new JBL EON G2's in, smelled "the smell" and they lasted 30 seconds. THats right, $1200 later, and a week of waiting for 30 seconds of play! THIS IS BULL****!

      I had to come up here to read this, as my band sits in the studio with no drums. IM BUYING MACKIES!!!!!!!!!!!



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        Originally posted by Keith Nealy:
        ZZounds, on the other hand, in on my **** list. Keith.
        And I am so glad that we face Zzounds logo every time we post a message here ...



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          My final words on the EON G2's:

          After talking with the dealer today, I have made a final decision to return the EON G2's and purchase the Mackie version. Here is why:

          1.) JBL royally bit it in my book when they released these demo runs. Why jump the gun? That is uncalled for and very poor business. It completely made my first JBL experience rotten, and now I will not own their products. Short tempered? Maybe, but this is serious $$. The factory has, however, offered to send me a new set by the end of October. Thanks, but no thanks.

          2.) The Mackie SRM-450's have been around longer and I think have user servicable fuses.
          (after reading the above post, however, it is a 90% likelyhood that the actual compression drivers are smoked, not the fuses in my EON's as I originally thought).

          3.) JBL has ADMITTED to having a faulty run of these units, knows they are out there, and has stopped production of them (so I have heard). But they cannot offer a solution for a month? Bye JBL.

          I do have to commend the dealer for bending over backwards to have a satisfied customer! They talked with the factory today and got me a solution very quickly, and offered me a deal to swap the G2's for the Mackies (plus a bit extra, but still, super nice people) Many thanks to Ricks music's support & technical service - top rate & professional.

          Sorry so wordy .

          One more thing: feefer - thanks for the JBL info. However they JBL is incorrect in assuming they have contained the problem to a short run. My serial#'s exceed their "contained" units.


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            Just an update...

            Got my replacement updates from JBL quickly as promised and have been gigging with them with no problems.

            I had considered going with the Mackies but I really like the 3 input mixer feature in the JBL's and I have been concerned with the mackie reputation for "shutting down" unexpectedly due to thermal overheating.

            After talking to the JBL people about the technology, they convinced me that they have the latest generation and the Mackie is several years old.

            It is unfortunate that this incident occured but even the best companies have recalls. I have a Dodge Grand Caravan which has been voted the best minivan since the inception of the category and I just got another recall the other day. Go figure.

            I think this is just an other indication of what our future with technology will be about.


            V-Pro TD-10exp, Octapad -TD-8, (2)EON G2


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              Hey guys,
              I just got home from band practice. My first practice with my new Eon G2s, and my first practice with some new Visulite Ecymbals. I have to say that I'm happy with both purchases.
              The G2s performed without a problem, the band loved em. I cranked em pretty good and everything is A OK!
              I really like the Visulite cymbals too. I got 1 14" Chokable Crash, and 2 of their 18" Rides with the bell. I'm using one of the rides as a crash. I'm not using any Y cables just going straight to the TD10. Not a problem. The only bad this is I don't like the material the bell is made out of. Its more like a hard plastic, that has a twacking sound when struck. But at the volumes we were playing tonight who the hell could hear it!! I'm giving Visulite a thumbs up on the Crash and Ride Ecymbals. However I must say that I sent their hi-hats back immediatly after I put them on the hi-hat stand. When I opened and closed them, they reminded me of a horse clip-clopping down a cobblestone street. Sorry Visulite, but I think you guys are on the right track anyway.


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                Originally posted by Tom Berry:
                Sorry for the double post! I thouht I was editing the first one for the word cymbal that I spelled cymbols. Now I've made a bigger mess.
                You could delete one, .




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                  Shoooeeee! I'll be dern. That's what them fancy little dohickies is fer! Sheeee... from nows on I'll be a deealetin up a storm. And looky here. Dang if there weren't another misspelled word. I wrote touht and meant to write thought. I reckon thats what happens when ya stay up all night hav'n a hootnanny! Thanks for the advice AD.


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                    Bringing this to the top.

                    My high ends just went.



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                      Kieth -

                      What number did you call for JBL cust service?

                      Thanks in advance...


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                        Thanks, feef

                        I only have one speaker right now, the other one has been back ordered at Zzounds for months (I'm in no rush for it).

                        I'll try calling Monday. If they give me ****, I'll lose it. Unfortunately, I don't have my box, so I'm not sure how I'll send it back, but I guess I'll deal with that later.




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                          Hi Binary, I've gone through 4 G2s. The people at JBL didn't do anything for me except tell me to take them to the nearest JBL repair center, which for me is 3.5 hrs away. I'm sending mine back to where I bought them and I guess I'll try the Mackies.


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                            Well, I'm gonna lose my brain if that happens.


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                              I just looked in a catalogue to see what the G2 model was, & I see that it is the newest model of the self powered 15" and a horn model. I found a guy with a newer pair of the old model I don't know the model # is. Do you know of any problem with the older series, he used them to DJ with. I would love a response before I try them. Thank you