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V-Club voice request

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  • V-Club voice request

    Hi. Great forum, very informative. I'm in a situation where I am playing the guitarist's V-Club set. He lives an hour away (it's worth the drive!), but I don't own an e-set (working on it, got to convince my wife!) and can't sit for hours learning and tweaking his. So I come to you for help:
    If you want the set to sound Huge: deep booming toms, loud snare-- as majestic as you can get it, what do you use? I've used the BalladX preset, based on the thread about toms preferred by bandmates, but do you have a great custom sound? I know this is subjective, but the level of expertise here is amazing so I thought I'd throw it out to you.
    Thanks, everyone. If this has been discussed forgive me and I'll do more searching.

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    Well, I just couldn't stand seeing that 0 next to my post so I had to reply to myself. Picking up a V-Pro set this weekend if it all goes right, otherwise gonna stretch for a used Session from GC. Either way, I should finally have my own set next week, and I won't have to ask questions like this one again!
    Love this forum!


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      Even if you had a v-club at home, it would take months to discover all the tweeks you like.

      Take a headset and go early and play with the 99 kits.

      You mentioned 5: Ballad X

      As a jumping off point, try
      58: Far Away
      and try all the ones between
      60: Dome
      66: Cave
      You could then then get the toms you like, a snare, crash center, crash edge,
      ride center, ride edge, HH and make a custom set without too much fuss.

      diff topic:
      WIFE: use the headphone angle, it worked for me :-)


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        Pick up the #38: jazzone. Change the snare to a fat snare sound with elevate pitch. Change the Hi-hat to a Heavy Hi-hat and you got a John Bonham kit (as I do).
        :D :cool:


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          Been away awhile, returned to find the helpful posts, thanks fellow junior members! I'll try for that Bonham kit next time I get on that set.

          Also, fwiw I finally ended up with a sessions set. Yea! My wife definitely appreciates those headphones, and I used that selling point for all it's worth.

          Now I'm going crazy trying to get used to practicing on the sessions, then playing on the club. But it's all good, I had no e-drums a year ago, so I can't complain. Thanks again!