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  • How come?

    Hey, I am now going to start embarking on a project that i feel will be most benificial to the EDrumming Community. However, i do not know if it has been attemted befor or could even be done ( althugh i cannot see why not) Basically, I am going to retrofit my VDrums into actual Acustic Drum shells. This should work with the exeption of my bass drum, whuch i will need to find a way to do that. So has anyone atempted this before? Any thoughts or comments? Please let me know before i start somthing that i may regret. Thanks.

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    Unless you're talking about actually turning your e-drums into acoustics (talking about an excellent way of wasting your money), tons of people have posted on here who have done all kinds of things to go "electro-acoustic", at least looks-wise. Use the search function and ... best of luck.
    My equipment:
    :: (Expanded, TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control)
    :: 2x CY-15R, 1x CY12H, 2 CY12R/C
    :: 1x Pad-120, 8x Pad-80R, 6x PD-7, 1x PD-9, 1x KD-120
    :: 1x FD-7
    :: 1x Roland MDS-10, 6x Sonor Delite double cymbal stands
    :: 1x DW 5000 Pedal
    :: 1x Mackie 1202 VLZ
    :: 1x NAD C521 CD-Player

    To be expanded soon ...


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      Why would you go to the trouble? You can just add triggers to your A's.