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Acoustic Triggers, which ones to use...

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  • Acoustic Triggers, which ones to use...

    What's the best Acoustic Triggers to use with a Roland TD-8? Anyone have any suggestions and things to watch out for when selecting Acoustic Triggers.

    Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I would test the cheaper ddrum red shots or Pintech triggers.


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      Triggers for TD-8

      I've used pintech triggers with my TD-8 and found that they work well. the dynamic range is pretty good, but it all depends where you plan to attach them.


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        Yeh ive used the red shot triggers a lot with the DM5 module, they work great, basicly the same as the normal ddrum triggers
        i dont think you can go past the DDRum triggers


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          Anyone out there think the regular ddrum triggers with the xlr connectors are better than the ddrum red shot triggers?

          I'm about to make a purchase. I don't like the box position of the red shots, but like the price and ability to use the cables I already own.

          However, money aside, I want the best trigger, and I like the fact that the xlr ddrum triggers are the most protected out-of-the-way external triggers out there.

          I would appreciate any feedback.

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