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BEST deal on VDrums and ANYTHING ROLAND!

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  • BEST deal on VDrums and ANYTHING ROLAND!

    If you are looking for THE BEST price and availability on VDrum sets contact Rob at Chuck Levins Washington Music Center in MD. They were way below price on any other store and it was in stock! # is 301-946-2300 or www.wmcworld.com

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    Sniff-sniff. Smells like a salesman. Sounds like a salesman. hmmmm


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      Hmmmm, lets see......

      Ask for Rob? Vboys email just happens to be ROByyz???? Occupation- sales. Hmmmmm, I don't know? Could beee?


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        Yeah, but if he's really giving the best price then he's welcome here. Of course, he could just be a pricing bot like zZounds!


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          VBoy is telling the biggest lie on this site yet. I asked Chuck Levins Music store for a price on the DTXTREME and he quoted me $3,649!!! The same set is less then $3000 from Musicians Friend and they aren't exactly the cheapest store around. He is the quote that Cliff got from MF.

          Topic: Yamaha DTXtreme at MusiciansFriend.com
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          From: Plant City,Florida TD-8
          Registered: Mar 2000
          posted September 22, 2000 04:33 PM

          I just stumbled on this info at www.musiciansfriend.com. They have prices on the new Yamaha DTXTREME kits. MF is usually slightly higher than others but here are the prices:
          5 pcs. kit $2,999(includes upright kick)
          6 pcs. kit $2,899(includes upright kick)
          Pads are listed as real head maple shell-
          12" $249
          10" $219
          8" $189
          Upright kick $329
          Module $959
          If this set lives up to the hype(positional sensing,brush compatable,better rack,etc.) Roland has some serious competion at these prices.

          My closing comments: By the way I found the cheapest prices on my Roland VCustoms were at www.fullcompass.com $2,150 as opposed to $2,695 almost everywhere else. Thanks to everybody at the VDrums.com site I was able to save over 500 dollars because of searching this site for the best prices.

          Dear VBoy if you are truly just a fellow drummer trying to help out then fine you are just misinformed, but if you are affiliated with Chuck Levin's Music then you are intentionally trying to mislead and ripoff everybody at this site then please get lost.


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            tell you what, you find the best price in the country, then take it down to guitar center and they will beat it. done it. I know it works. that's how I got my vdrums. got my kit, snare stand and throne + tax for less than they were asking for the kit alone before tax.


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              Wow, drum god, you republicans are pretty astute.

              Did you know you can take the best price in the country, take 50 bucks off it and email it to zzounds, and they'll beat it.
              You don't have to deal with the losers at Guitar Center.

              Sorry, I hate guitar center.
              I just need to speak up sometimes.



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                Originally posted by BINARY:
                You don't have to deal with the losers at Guitar Center.

                Sorry, I hate guitar center.
                I just need to speak up sometimes.


                remember kids; Musician's Friend, BAD ... www.riksmusic.com, GOOD
                \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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                  I just bought a set of V Customs last week from Rik's Music in TN. I shopped on-line and off line for a while. No one beat their price. I was happy with the ordering & delivery also.


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                    Based on their web-site, Rik's is listing a "new display" V-Custom set for $2,249. I was able to purchase a new, in the box V-Custom set from zzounds.com for $1,979, including shipping. I received it two days later. The folks there were nothing but nice. Unless you were able to drive down Rik's price, zzounds.com still wins the price war, at least on this item.



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                      You got me beat! I got a brand new in the box V Custom for $2,350, with free shipping. Your deal sounds too good to be true. I wish I had known!


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                        Guitar Center in Phoenix offered me V Customs for $2150...bought the Pros instead...I think you can get good deals on customs these days
                        Roland TD50x
                        Acoustic- Spaun drums, Gretsch Drums & Paiste Signature Series cymbals.


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                          Ed, If you'd read the archives a bit, you would've seen the better prices and sources here. I got my Customs from fullcompass.com for $2150. Of course, we didn't have the zzounds 'system' back then! $^)


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                            I have found the best deals to be at Drum World in Pittsburg, PA. There are a lot of deals out there though. These guys are non-commisioned though. www.drumworld.com or 800-335-3445. Talk to Jim. This guy knows his stuff. There electronic line consists of Hart Dynamics, Roland and Yamaha.
                            (Also, company in Florida >> www.musiciansbuy.com have some pretty cheap pricing going on as well.)

                            [This message has been edited by Eric (edited December 13, 2000).]


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                              I hadn't seen much recently about TDW-1 prices, but I just happend to stop in at my local music store and inquire about the card. When I asked if they had the TDW-1, the keyboard "guru" said "oh... you mean that cymbal card... yea we have it. it's $239". Well, I was so happy at that price that I decided against drop kicking the bozo for calling the TDW-1 a cymbal card. i just coughed up the cash and got out of there just in case it was a mistake. Just curious... Has anyone else bought a TDW-1 for a price lower than $239????